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Hi Thanks for the recent challenge ^-^ and congratulations on… - Feed Post from Jadore_Violet to exilesama


Thanks for the recent challenge ^-^ and congratulations on winning.
I just wanted to check something. When you challenged me did it ask you about settings e.g. vocab or kanji and what level?
I ask because it seems as though the challenger can chose these things for themselves but then the other person has to do all/any items from their level acording to EXP. So I am just checking before I ask the admin about it.
posted by Jadore_Violet

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  • exilesama
    I am not sure, I can't remember actually, it has been while since I sent you request for challenge. :D
  • Jadore_Violet
    yh I was putting it off a bit as it said level 5 but i haven't actually done any level 5 items yet :/ I had the same problem with a friend before. I chalenged him and i selected like level 1 and 2 but then he for some reason had to do level 6.
    anyhoo happy studying :)