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so I was looking at the kanji in this word 就活 (しゅうかつ) "job hunting" I like to look at the… - Feed Post by Jadore_Violet

so I was looking at the kanji in this word 就活 (しゅうかつ) "job hunting" I like to look at the individual meanings of the kanji which usually helps me understand why they make a sertain word together and consequently can help me remember more. However I find this one odd. neither kanji seems to have anything to do with searching, jobs, or working.
Any thoughts?
posted by Jadore_Violet

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  • mog86uk
    Among the meanings listed for 就 are "take position, settle".

    The next thing to do is check the kunyomi of the kanji. There are two kunyomi listed: つ.く and つ.ける.

    就く (つく) - one of the meanings listed is "to take (position, seat, course, etc.), to assume".
    就ける (つける) - one of the meanings is "to appoint (to a post), to promote"".

    As for the second kanji, 活 as a suffix means "action, activity".

    So you could say 就活 = "the activity of taking a position (for a job)".

    BUT, if you look at the listing in the dictionary of 就活 again, you should see that it is tagged as an abbreviation (or "abbr").

    So what you need to do next is find out what it is an abbreviation of by searching 就*活* (the * being a wildcard to search for any or no characters). You should see the following result:
    就職活動 (しゅうしょくかつどう) "job hunting; job searching"

    So if you use look up each kanji within 就職活動, then that abbreviation 就活 might make more sense. ^^
  • fuonk
    Magnificent response, mog86ukさん!
  • Jadore_Violet