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こんばんは ばるすみこすさん。 お 元気ですか。 You may remember comenting about… - Feed Post from Jadore_Violet to barusamikosu

こんばんは ばるすみこすさん。
お 元気ですか。

You may remember comenting about creating an emersive enviroment? I wanted to say sorry about my rambling I think I was frustrated and over thinking things and I didn’t even say thanks for your helpfulness -_-

ども ありがとう ございました。ごめなさい。
You are right of course. I mean while I can't controle everything I could do more than I am doing.

:/ I supose this might seem a bit out of the blue so I'll just say that I was feeling down again today because it seems people do not take me seriously even though I am passionate. This got me thinking about that Drastic transformation to an imersive enviroment and what I could do towards that and from that I thought of your comment and links.

I'm sure I still seem rather silly but thank you again as you were very helpfull and encouraging ^_^
posted by Jadore_Violet

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  • barusamikosu

    Don't worry about it! I'm glad I was able to help.

    I hope I didn't seem too pushy before. Japanese has been going so well for me this past year that I can't help but try to share techniques with those that look to be in a slump.

    After you start immersing, your Japanese is going to go from good to awesome. I promise! Good luck! ミ☆