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How come your overall doesn't add up? - Feed Post from arjey100 to loli_teachan

How come your overall doesn't add up?
posted by arjey100

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  • loli_teachan
    Ehh? o: Ohh~ I've never really learned Japanese, so I practice a lot of Hiragana and Katakana <3
  • arjey100
    crap, they count that? wow, never knew.
  • loli_teachan
    Yeshh~! ^_^ I find it rather unfair to other players...because hiragana and katakana are fairly easy but can rack up points very quickly when you practice...but it is what it is o:
  • arjey100
    Do you get exp from hiragana & katakana? Because that would make practice exercises harder with all the level ups.
  • Tinker
    You can still choose the level you want to practice in the settings :)
  • arjey100
    :O I never knew. Thanks!
  • loli_teachan
    You do get exp from Hiragana and Katakana ^_^