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Yo, I only recently got back to this site (I was early level 5 when I returned) because of the… - Feed Post by arjey100

Yo, I only recently got back to this site (I was early level 5 when I returned) because of the JLPT, but now I want to be consistent. Anyone here who wants to be my friend? Even if it's just to have some people to encourage me to be consistent in learning from this day forward.
posted by arjey100

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  • Leoxrp
    of course!,we will be best friends ever.
  • akitta74
    it's great meeting so many new people on this website!
  • Tinker
    I'll encourage you! I'm trying to do the same too haha.
  • arjey100
    Haha looking forward to it. And wow, you're from Canada; I wanna go there someday.
  • Tinker
    Really? Make sure to come during summer, it's freezing here right now maha. What is it in our country that interest you in particular?

    I see that you're from the Philippines! I want to travel there again someday. I'm half Filipino and it's been a loooong time since I last saw my family there.
  • arjey100
    Um, I'm in it for the cold weather. Since you're part Filipino, you should know of Baguio. I used to live at one of the highest parts there. It's funny because my parents would wear double coats and I would only wear a shirt. I'm way too cold-resistant, so Canada has always been a place I wanted to go to :D
  • Tinker
    Yes I went there, I've got family there, although I don't remember really well. If you're in it for the cold weather, then you'll find just that here haha. I'm in the North East of Quebec, and we tend to get some really cold weather with quite a lot of snow here.

    We've got a lot of students that are from New Caledonia and they are always wearing only shirts and shorts, all year long (I don't know how they can survive even -30). I don't know if you have that kind of cold-resistance, but if so, that is some super-human power right there. Or it's us who are just weak haha.