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*sigh* anyone know ways i can improve my vocabulary? i realized i can't read to build… - Feed Post by Rifael

anyone know ways i can improve my vocabulary? i realized i can't read to build a better vocabulary because i have crappy vocabulary to begin with... and thus, i'm in a constant spiral of inability to do anything!

please help, anyone out there! should i just binge on vocabulary at once and then try and construct sentences?? i'm using lang-8 at the moment, so i always have that ability to do that...
posted by Rifael

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  • TheDand963
    uh, why not just try to do the vocabulary lessons here? you can also just do the practice thingy with just the vocabulary as an option
  • heika
    the vocabulary lessons here work pretty well, i think but you could always invest in a textbook, genki is popular. and i know people get weird about hearing this but you can actually pick up on vocab watching anime(at least i have), but it really depends on what kind of learner you are. C:
  • Tony_Yon_Sama
    minna no nihonggo...
  • Rifael
    @TheDand963 because vocabulary doesn't stick with me unless i can use it to communicate. for me, the "image" i have when plainly memorizing a word is different than knowing a word intuitively (which is the level i want to reach)

    /sigh i guess i'll figure something out... or i can just use these vocab lessons to write something?
  • mog86uk
    Practice mode on here is probably my main resource for vocabulary... To try and make new words stick longer: When reading vocabulary words, I'd recommend saying the words out loud or at least sounding them in your head. Also, trying to think up sentences you can use the new words in is helpful.

    Also, Anime is definitely a good resource for vocabulary. You probably won't learn anything much just watching it, but it does make it easier to learn the words when you come across them in lessons, and it helps for remembering words you've already learnt.

    The number of times anime have given me clues to the correct answers in Practice mode on here is pretty crazy, and I barely pay any attention to the words the characters are using.

    I often encounter words I've never learnt before, and have absolutely no idea which is the correct answer. However, somehow I quickly realise which one is almost certainly correct, just from a vague recollection that it sounds like something I've heard in Naruto, Azumanga Daioh, Initial D, etc.
  • kireinacherrie
    there are a lot of ways in improving vocabulary. But the most important thing is to go at your own pace. Going on a vocab binge might be a little overwhelming and ultimately discourages you. You should take it one day at a time. First, you should research a lot of websites that offer a lot of Japanese vocabulary. This is going to help you. Some websites use flash cards and others use lists. But with any vocab, i recommend learning sentence patterns and structures and also practice vocab with other people that speak japanese. And this is most important; do brain exercises, always think of japanese vocab in your head so you will be able to remember. Anime can also help too. Ganbare ne :)