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Anyone having problems vhanging profile pictures? When I select the new image to… - Feed Post by niranjankris

Anyone having problems vhanging profile pictures?
When I select the new image to upload, the screen just greys out and nothing happens even if I wait for a long time!
posted by niranjankris

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  • niranjankris
  • mog86uk
    For the 'edit profile picture' function, I know of one issue specific to Firefox, and a different issue specific to both IE11, Chrome and Opera, but neither of these issues stop the user uploading the image. Also, for Safari 5.1.7 this function doesn't work at all.

    What you mentioned though is different. Which browser are you using?
  • niranjankris
    Chrome...It just pops up a greyed out screen with nothing stating whether the image is uploading or not. The file size I chose is only 250kb..So even if it's a network slow issue, 250kb should not take more than 10 mins to upload!
    I also checked my javascript settings and it is enabled.
  • niranjankris
    Screenshot of the issue:
  • mog86uk
    Strange. Chrome (version 34) is the main browser I use and I haven't seen that happen yet.

    I did just try to change my profile picture on Chrome, and it took 4 attempts. On the first 3 attempts, I selected the file, then cropped it, then clicked 'crop and finish'. But then it froze on the 'uploading' screen.

    Does your problem happen before you crop the image? or after clicking 'crop and finish'?
  • niranjankris
    I was not able to even see the image after I select the file. After I select the file, it turns grey like the screenshot.
    But in my android phone, I was able to crop but hangs every time after that. I use same chrome in my phone as well!
  • mog86uk
    Hmm, very odd. I'm not really sure what to suggest... I think on your phone it should work after a few tries, as that sounds like what Chrome on my PC was doing.

    You were able to upload your current profile picture though. Was that on the same computer and browser?
  • mog86uk
    Oh wait, did you upload it back on the previous version of JCJP. I guess that would make sense.
  • niranjankris
    I uploaded it years back. What should I do now to change it in this new version?
  • mog86uk
    I've submitted a bug report to the admin, beeant. I also mentioned the other bugs I know of for uploading a profile picture. I couldn't explain the problem very easy though, as it works fine on my Chrome, but not on yours... Hopefully the problem can get sorted out though. ^^

    I still think you should be able to upload it on your phone, if you try again a few times. I have no idea what could be causing the problem on your computer though...
  • niranjankris
    At last i was able to change it through phone!
    Thank you for the suggesstion ^^
    Kindly let me know the reason for desktop chrome issue, if you get any update.
  • mog86uk
    Glad it worked eventually for you. Sure, I'll reply if the problem for your desktop Chrome is ever figured out and fixed. :)