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I'm recently into Japanese music, and I came across this song: - Feed Post by WillemStyle

I'm recently into Japanese music, and I came across this song:

Is it weird for a guy like me that I totally love songs like these?

I think learning Japanese from songs is a great way to remember it!
posted by WillemStyle

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  • AH_Jonesy
    Same I've been listening to lots of japanese music like Scandal, LiSA and stereopony
  • Kimbo
    Not weird in the Japanese learning community. Probably weird to uncultured idiots.
  • AH_Jonesy
    haha ^, im enjoying learning Japanese, feeling cultured. I've reading about Japanese history for a while as well and watching anime to grasp to pronunciation and general enjoyment :)
  • empiresx
    I dont think its weird to be yourself at all. You only live one life and as Kimbo said, dont let it be dictated by uncultured idiots. Live the life you want.
  • WillemStyle
    Ah, it's a delight to see that not everyone finds it weird! Thanks, guys :)

    My problem is mainly that people around me find it weird, resulting in me trying to hide my music in public :P
  • AH_Jonesy
    i used to hide my music and anime but over time i stopped caring what other people think, i like to idea of writing and talking another language that the people around me dont understand.

    i've recently got addicted to this song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYV-XJdzupY&index=3&list=PLEY2Zl_XUQM44wx9YJ2IiNnx0tC9lcxKN
  • freakymrq
    Japanese music is of course a new addiction for me ;)
  • dominata365
    Lol! You're not weird at all. I've learned a bunch of vocabulary and stuff just from listening to japanese music. And yeah, I hide mine in public too. I when people look at my playlists, I always name them something ambiguous like "songs" or "rock" or "fun music" so that they get mislead and don't open it.

    My favorite artists are:
    One Ok Rock
    Cinema Staff
    and also this song:

    And I admit, I guess i kinda sorta maybe like Hatsune Miku :P
  • TheDand963
    the whole vocaloid community is full of amazing songs filled with feelings and references (that are pretty much amazing/funny if you do get them)

    if you dont like the "robots" well sure, you can listen to the amazing covers by the community!