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Skip to advanced level?

My level is slightly above intermediate and it is a big waste of time to start with Level 1.
Is there a way to skip to the advanced Leves instead?
Thank you!

posted by pingy

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  • mog86uk
    Well, for the lessons, you can do them in any order you feel like doing them... So you could start on level 6 instead of level 1, if you wanted, but I wouldn't advise it.

    For practice mode, the EXP requirement to reach higher levels is pretty low:
    level 2 = 5001 exp
    level 3 = 12001 exp
    level 4 = 27001 exp
    level 5 = 52001 exp
    level 6 = 97001 exp

    As you can see on the 'Top 20 Users' list, getting 12001 or 27001 exp isn't that big of a deal to do even in just one day, or even 97001 exp.

    Just make sure you try to keep combo -- x2 exp after 15 questions, maxing out at x10 exp after 95 questions. Once you have x10 bonus from combo, you'll be getting near 100 EXP per question, and getting to level 3 or 4 will take no time at all. ^^
  • pingy
    Thank you!!
  • kekkou
    Also keep in mind that once you answer correctly 28 times (for each phrase or word), all subsequent attempts to answer correctly will reset the base point value to zero (no EXPs).