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Ohaiyo gozaimasu! (At least where I am!)

I love this page and I'm very appreciative of the hard work you put into it! I have a question on the practice area. Is there a way to only have the practice questions be from chapters I've already passed? I'm only on Chapter 2 and if I want to "take attendance" I have to answer 20 questions, but I can't really answer from future chapters. :(

I've noticed the "settings" button and I use that already. Any help is appreciated.

posted by Scarlet_pirate

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  • mog86uk
    I have no idea if this would work, however, in 'settings' you could try turning off all of the levels.

    The main thing the level setting does is specify which levels you want to encounter 'new' questions from. So if you make sure all of the levels are deselected (grey colour), then maybe you won't be given 'new' questions at all?
  • beeant
    Thank you for using JapaneseClass.jp! ◕‿◕

    I'm sorry that there is no settings to get random practice questions from chapters that you've already passed.

    One of other purposes for practice page is to give you an option to level up. So JCJP gives you freedom on how you get enough EXP to level up, such as doing chapter tests, practice, readings, and/or notes.

    Also, I think it's good to encounter new words randomly everyday.
    But you make me think that it actually make sense to have questions that you have already know to take attendance.
    I think some users would prefer to have more organized learning to go on step by step.

    It's not difficult to implement another setting to hide vocabularies that you never encounter, or to show only questions from chapters that you've already passed, but I want to keep the settings simple.

    I will consider this, and let's see what other users are saying.
  • Scarlet_pirate
    Thank you for the response. I hate losing exp for future questions, but I'll just deal with it! I appreciate your help.