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Newbie here, quick question about learning vocabs

Is it possible to hide the romaji when learning new vocabs? I want to force myself to read the kana, but it's hard to ignore the romaji part since it's right under there. Sadly there is no defined css class for the romaji text either, so hiding it via css doesn't work either.
Am I missing an option or is there any other way?

Thanks for the help!
posted by zonk

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  • SushiFace
    For some reason I can only see kana (which is fine for me) but I can't find any option that would display romaji. I'm sorry I couldn't help :(
  • beeant
    Hello zonk, thank you for using JapaneseClass.jp
    The romaji will be automatically hidden once you reached level 2.
  • mog86uk
    I'm guessing you noticed that both hiragana and romaji are using the same 'text-s' class? However, it's still possible to hide just the romaji ones via css. ^^
    Try adding this css rule exactly as written:

    .text-s + .text-s {
    display: none;