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Looking for a podcast with transcription

Do you know any good podcast with regular updates (the best would be a news/culture podcast) of intermediate level? I would like to be able to download audio in lossy format. Thanx!

(by the way this site is difficult to find (couldn't find with google), I could only find it by searching in old browser session files..).
posted by Aenan

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  • Kimbo
    Dunno about normal podcasts, but you've probably already heard of Japanesepod101. If not, sign up for a free week account and download their 1000 audio podcast lessons. Most, apart from the first made seasons have the translations in kanji, hana, kana, romaji, and English with them (turn subtitles on). Each lesson has a short, natural conversation that is then broken down into vocab and grammar.
  • Aenan
    Thanks. I already heard about them. I also found http://jclab.wordpress.com/ It seems to be not bad for the beginning and also http://newsinslowjapanese.com/ It also seems to be not so bad. I know the name of the site is bad because it's not only slow, it has also natural speed. I needed that because my ability of understanding spoken japanese is still at Pimsleurs level... I heard about Japanesepod101 before, but I thought you could not do anything without paying... Anyway, thanks a lot.
  • adkdcmorgan
    Here are some bilingual podcasts that you will benefit from.
    This is good for listening practice...the speaker speaks at a nice pace.

    Anyone with windows phones will love the podcast lounge app. Worth the $.

    Great guide to find podcasts in japanese.

    Great language and culture podcast...currently making new podcasts.
  • adkdcmorgan
    tamamusubi (means thread knot) is a talk radio program that I enjoy as well. My favorite part is Tuesdays (2nd section) is always a call in from a Japanese man that lives in California and they talk movies...mostly the newest american release...he is very knowledgeable about movies and talks for 20 minutes or so while the hosts let out interjections. look for (火)おもしろい大人 in the feed.
  • adkdcmorgan
    here is the itunes link for the second bilingual program (gaitomo) that I mentioned already https://itunes.apple.com/jp/podcast/bairingaruninaritai!-i-would/id854438354

  • Aenan
    Thanks! there is a lot of things. I will try to find what is best for me.
  • nexus0123
    @Kimbo Thanks for the Japanesepod101 lead. For those trying to download the thousands of podcasts and pdf files all at once, I suggest using RSSOwl as follows:


    1. Sign up for 7 day free premium trial on Japanesepod101.
    2. Create a myfeed (premium accounts only) and select all the content you want to download.
    3. Get RSSOwl (http://www.rssowl.org/) and Install.
    4. Before adding the myfeed from Japanesepod101, go to the RSSOwl Tools > Preferences and DISABLE the max keep 200 entries (It's under the "Feeds" section and the "clean up" tab). That way, you can see all thousands of entries at once.
    5. Add the myfeed to RSSOwl. You'll be asked to log in.
    6. Select all the entries in the myfeed, right click, select attachments, and download all on the very top. And voila!
    7. You can track download progress by selecting Tools > Downloads & Activity in the menu. It'll take a while depending on your internet speed.
  • adkdcmorgan
    Try News Web Easy. While this is not a podcast, this may be helpful due to the use of audio and visual which is great for me...http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/index.html Many news articles are posted each weekday. There is a computer voice that reads the article plus there is usually a related video. Copy and paste words you don't know into the http://beta.jisho.org/ site! (I am loving the beta verstion) Below the newest 7 articles on news web easy, you can browse through tons of older articles!


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