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kanji pages

can anyone explain to me how the kanji pages are worded? as in what are "onyomi" and "kunyomi"? Just a basic break down of the kanji pages would be nice.

posted by Jayriv

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  • demonhead
    onyomi is Chinese reading. kunyomi is Japanese reading
  • Jayriv
    so what are the red dots between the words? are those different ways of saying that particular word or are they like different definitions?
  • Jayriv
    if you could give me an example and break it down for me, thatd be great. but thank you for answering!
  • mog86uk
    In Japanese writing, a central dot (called an 'interpunct' in English)・is sometimes used instead of a commas when writing lists.

    It is also often used instead of a forward slash / to separate parallel alternative words/phrases/ideas, but sometimes for this they do use forward slash / like in English.

    Check out this link for a better description of what ・ is used for:

    It is also pretty handy for making bullet point lists when posting online:
    ・point #1
    ・point #2
  • Jayriv
    ah... thank you!