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Private message

Is there a way to send a private message?
posted by Sennin

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  • mog86uk

    You can go to on the profile of the user you want to speak to and post on their feed, however the post shows up on the main Social Feeds page of the site too. This way though, the other user will get a notification that you posted on their feed, and the post will show that it is directed at that specific user.

    To talk privately with other users of this site, you would need to exchange some form of external contact details. The problem with this though, is that there's no way of giving these details privately to the user, because there are no private messages! xD

    Best way is probably to give a link to your facebook page (if you are fine with everyone knowing this), or set up a spare/temporary email account to give your real contact details on, or something like that. ^^
  • Sennin
    Thank you for the answer mog86uk. I think that's exactly what they refer by the phrase "catch-22".

    Probably the best solution would be to set up a spare e-mail account. Temporary disposable e-mail accounts can be accessed just with the e-mail address so it would be a bad idea to use those.

    I think I'll stick to discussing things openly even if it's with /user/statistics/1 a.k.a beeant!