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Mistake in Vocabulary Level 1 Chapter 3

It says that toshoshitsu means library, whereas I knew from previous studies that is should be toshokan. I searched in jisho.org and what I understood was that toshoshitsu means library room, as in a library that is inside a school or museum, and toshokan would refer to a building that is uniquely a library.
Is my assumption right?
If it is, then the translation should be more specified, or the word should be changed, otherwise people will be misled. Is there anyone responsible for correcting this kind of things?
posted by redundant

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  • Sloppyninja
    図書室 and 図書館 DO both mean "library" but there is a distinction between them. The difference being 図書室 is more like "library room" and 図書館
  • Sloppyninja
    and 図書館 is more like "library building"
  • washoku
    This issue was also brought up before. I also noticed this error in the Practice area a long time ago.
  • Sloppyninja
    this is *not* an error, it is a synonym
  • redundant
    Thanks for clearing that out, but if there is a distinction between them, then they're not exactly a synonym. I just like to be specific when learning things, especially languages...
  • click
    There is no distinction between them. They'd both be a library in English, just one would be a library in terms of within a school or other building (thus library room) and one would be a library and just a library(this is the 図書館). As 図書室 is not just regarding a school, you can't just label it school library.