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Is there any place to help japaneseclass team improving this nice class?

I'm not sure JpC crew will read me here or on the chat.

I would like to thank them, to tell my respect, and to do some requests.

-first, this website don't work fine on my tablet, so i'd like to use a japaneseClass Android app.

-during the tests (kanas or other lessons), the possible answers are too obvious.
between shi, gi, ki and gya for exemple, one is too different: "gya" which has two kanas.
Same with the kanas symbols ° or ": if the katakana has °, answers with " will be deleted.

The work done here is wonderful, i learn a lot, but i would better if it wasn't so easy sometimes.
posted by muad

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  • mog86uk
    JCJP was created and is being developed and managed by only one person, the website admin, beeant.

    I noticed recently that nowhere on the whole website does it mention who the admin is, not even on the start page or the donate page, so I thought this would be a good place to explain this. ^^
    (Maybe it does explain this on the JCJP Twitter or Facebook pages though, idk.)

    Around a year ago, a few of us users from the previous version of this site helped beeant with beta testing this version of the website. This beta testing lasted a few months and then aftwards this current version of the site was released around March 2014. There were some quite big improvements and changes in the update from the old version of JCJP, however site hasn't changed much at all since then.

    Thought this was a good place to share some background history. Also, for some even older history and to see what the previous version looked like, here's the old, now disused JCJP development blog:

    In short: JCJP team is just one person, beeant. The site has been around for 6 years(?) and has always been free to use, whilst the server running costs have been high. The donations to the site have been pretty low, so not much can be spent on better resources. Beeant seems to be a very busy person, and while having to pay to keep the site up he obviously needs to work to earn a living too.

    I agree with your ideas though. Many of the answer choices are too easy. And I'm sure I remember beeant saying in the past that he would like to be able to make an app for this site. ^^
  • muad
    Thanks for posting, and thanks for the détails.
    The result is even more respect for the work done, this is the best source to learn online japanese.

    (on my way to donate)
  • pepe
    Yeah I will donate too :D This is the best site I've found to learn Japanese :D