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New to Japanese Class Jp. Help Please

Hi people who hopefully read this forum,

I originally asked some people on the chat, but there's no reply, and I'm quite eager to start learning some new Japanese, and so on. So basically I need a little help, many of you guys might think I'm somewhat dumb, or whatnot, but anyways back to my need of assistance. Well I was looking through my lessons, and I clicked the Kanji one, it showed me characters, so I looked through them, and I then clicked Chapter 1 Test. When I clicked it, it showed me a 'person' character and gave me four multiple choice answers, I didn't know what to do, it didn't give me any directions or anything, probably it was obvious to some of you guys, but it wasn't obvious to me, so please help the young traveler and tell her how she is supposed to do this.

posted by CynVia

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  • iambyron
    The purpose of Kanji Test is to practice the pronunciation and to understand the word meaning.
    One kanji word maybe have many pronunciation.
    I think just read more again and again.
  • mog86uk
    This the first lesson, kind of like a level 0. You need to complete kana (hiragana and katakana) before moving on to level 1 lessons. ^^
  • bubblybaby
    It's important to first get to know hiragana and katakana before moving on to kanji. Like mog86uk already stated.

    I'm also new here by the way :) ah... does anybody know if you can learn grammar here, too?