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Has anyone actually giving money to this site. Not stingy or anything, genuinely interested in knowing whether or not this site relies solely on people's donations like it says. Anyone know the overhead of something like this? I don't have a lot of money but like to give if the cause be rite.
posted by lonewolfe

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  • kekkou
    http://japaneseclass.jp/donate (this is a list of all known donors. Donations are voluntary, and @beeant can answer your other questions at http://japaneseclass.jp/user/statistics/1#feed. Anything you post on JCJP users' feeds are not private messages, and will appear in the Social Feeds page)
  • lonewolfe
    for sure. ill check it out. thanks
  • jimboblaze
    I donate a few dollars each year. Usually when I am using it frequently. This is the best site out there for the money and continually gets better. I use this to refresh my Japanese (along with a few other resources) before I return to Japan on trips. I believe the site is maintained by funds donated and the creator's pocket. I think this site could easily be monetized into a business, but until it does, I love using it for free and donate when I can to help keep it free.
  • theSHHAS
    I have donated and wish people would also donate more so the sight won't be so slow and crash all the time.
  • mog86uk
    JCJP used to have adverts to cover a bit of the cost of running the site, but I haven't noticed any on my other account (this account doesn't see advertising anyway, because if you donate you no longer have advertising).

    The only advertising I've seen recently is the "Only Your Donations Keep This Site Alive" images which are JCJPs own. I assume at the moment that the site is being funded purely by donations, or by beeant himself when the donations aren't enough.

    This site has been around since 2008 and all the donations are listed on the "Donate" page.

    As for a rough idea of the overheads... The current server this site moved to less than a year ago costs 60 euros a month (about $70). That's just the cost of the server, but there may be other costs on top of this for other things... Can see how I'm a bit surprised that there is no advertising at the moment, when you look at the donations for the last 6 years (and beeant said the old server was more expensive!)
  • Stray_Mongrel
    Been absent for a few years and glad to see that donations have kept the site going. This is my favorite Japanese study site, by far.
  • timlarsson
    I donated but it hasn't showed up on the donation site yet. I really have no trouble donating to this site at all! High quality all around and just what I need. I wish more people would donate, maybe by giving donors some bonus like a little badge next to their user name or something...
  • beeant
    Hello timlarsson,

    Sorry for the late response. I have added you to JCJP donator list.
    Thank you very much for your donation!

    Little badge would be a great idea! I will implement that. Thank you!