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四月は君の嘘 有馬公生 市立墨谷中学校 制服 コスプレ衣装

★ ジャンル ★
超人気なアニメ 四月は君の嘘 有馬公生 市立墨谷中学校 制服 コスプレ衣装
★ 素 材 ★
★ セット内容 ★
★ 納 期 ★
★ 送 料 ★
1着:1,500円、 2-8着:1,000円/着、 8着以上:800円/着
★ 注意事項 ★
※当店コスプレ衣装はすべてオーダー製作しております。追加料金がございませ ん。







★ 商品詳細 ★
★ ふか説明 ★
有馬公生は市立墨谷(すみや)中学校3年生(14歳)。母が叶えられなかった「世界的なピアニストになる」夢を叶えるために、幼い頃から虐待に近い厳しい指導の下で練習に励み、「正確かつ厳格」と評された演奏で国内外の数々のコンクールで優勝を果たした。有馬公生 市立墨谷中学校 制服は原作に忠実に作られ、すごくかっこいいです。コスプレ衣装通販は素敵な衣装を作るために、生地の選択から衣装の縫製まで工夫しています。
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  • kekkou
    It might help if you can translate this into English or summarize in English. I have two translation methods, but your translation may be better. :)
  • KenjiSama
    Its a spammer trying to sell something......
  • mog86uk
    The funny thing is that they didn't include a link to their website, nor did they even mention the name of their company! Advertising spam fail! :D

    As spam goes though, it was fairly interesting to read for some Japanese reading practice. Although I'm not sure why there are a few random spaces thrown in the middle of words...

    The most interesting thing I noticed was "★ ふか説明 ★"...

    What is the meaning for this "ふか"?
    ふか(鱶) + 説明 = large shark explanation
    府下(ふか) + 説明 = suburban district explanation
    不可(ふか) + 説明 = improper explanation
    富家(ふか) + 説明 = wealthy family explanation
    付加(ふか) + 説明 = appendage explanation
    負荷(ふか) + 説明 = burden explanation
    賦課(ふか) + 説明 = levy explanation
    孵化(ふか) + 説明 = incubation explanation
    浮華(ふか) + 説明 = frivolity explanation
    Google Translate gives "wipe explanation". Presumably this must be related to 拭く(ふく) "to wipe, to dry", but it's very weird how it came to that conclusion. The alternative suggestion it gives is "shark explanation", lol...

    I'm guessing ふか説明 = 付加説明, which I guess means something along the lines of "additional description" or "appended explanation"?

    At least this time the spam is a more suitable theme (millionaire's wristwatches or handbags, unlike Loveing's other spam...) :P
  • mog86uk
    * NOT wristwatches for millionaries, or handbags, unlike Loveing's other spam.
  • myyoyo01
    はい、ふか説明 = 付加説明,