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KORE wa zombie desu ka ???

From what i have learned it is supposed to be この instead of これ. Then i saw this title and got confused...
Can someone please explain to me why it is kore instead of kono? :p

Thank you in advance! :D
posted by Navi

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  • hanarosa
    if you use kono, then it would be kono zombie. but the meaning would also be different. kore wa zombie desu : this is a zombie. kono zombie wa (something) desu : this zombie is (something).
  • lawliets
    hanarosa is correct.

    この → followed by a NOUN (or an adjective + noun)
    For example:
    ~ このzombieはかわいいです
    ~ このかわいいzombie ... (though I doubt zombies are cute)

    これ → followed by a particle, usually
    ~ これはzombieですか?
  • Navi
    Ah ok! Thank you so much for the help! :D
  • Kant_Lernjap
    この is short for これの, which is これ with the の particle. As such, この needs no particle (because it already has one).