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Kanji lesson 30: is the hiragana reading correct for 子供を育てる ?

In the kanji lesson 30: 子供を育てる&nbsp; is given as こどもどそだてる = raise a child.<br>Is this correct?&nbsp; Why is the を rendered as ど in the hiragana ?
posted by sohtaartg

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  • beeant
    I am sorry for the typo...
    It has been fixed now.

    Thanks for the report! =D
  • sohtaartg
    Hi beeant
    let me take the opportunity to thank you for this web site. Levels 1 and 2 were mostly review for me but I am learning so much on level 3. JCJP is the best practice/drill site I have found so far in good part because it is easy to use and fun . The tracking of the chapter tests and the ranking system gives me encouragement and awakens my sense of competition to move ahead! ありがとうございます
  • beeant
    Hello sohtaartg,

    Thank you for using this site and like to use it.
    I am really happy to hear what you just said, I will keep on improving this site. Adding new features, feed the database with vocabularies and kanji.
    Also, if you have any suggestion, please do not hesitate to tell me =D

    Thank You,
  • queso
    I didn't know where to post this so I do it here.

    I have noticed some mistakes in the practice Qs. The latest of which was the translation for "toothpaste". The answer is "歯磨き粉" instead of "歯磨き". "歯磨き" is the act of brushing your teeth, and coud not mean toothpaste.

    I have seen other mistakes but is this the right thread to report them?

    Good job on the site BTW.  
  • spanz
    Any system is good to report bugs or mistakes, but opening a thread for a single error is somewhat excessive. As there's no dedicated thread to report errors, you can open a new, reusable thread for this. Or you can report them directly to beeant in his comment box.

    About the error you've noticed, are you sure "歯磨き" cannot mean toothpaste?
    According to a couple of dictionaries, it's a suru-verb, but also a noun. Toothpaste is one of its meanings.