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Japanese skype group

Hi~ I'm Yumi and a beginner with Japanese but know most Hirigana and Katakana.
I'd love to make a group with other Japanese learners to learn from each other and practice our vocab, give tips etc. If you're interested in joining please leave your Skype name below or add me- Yumi.Kumaa
posted by KumikoKumaa

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  • nyaro
    mine is niroj_toru
  • SikaMiska
    This is not about this post, but about your self introduction on your profile. I noticed a few mistakes so I thought that I'll help you out a little bit.

    You seem to use "わ" as a theme particle which is actually written as "は", but spelled as "wa" when it is used as an particle. In a word "konnichiwa" the "wa" in there is also written as "は". This is a common mistake so don't worry. The usage of konnichiwa is based on " konnichi (today) wa (particle)" so it is hard for beginners to know that it is actually written as "ha" but spelled as "wa".

    You used compound word 日本人 which means japanese people, on this context you probably meant 日本語 (にほんご) which is spelled as nihongo, meaning Japanese language.

    For example:
    Watashi (me) wa (particle for theme of the sentence) nihongo (Japanese) o (particle for object of the sentence) hanashimasu (verb: to speak)

    Good luck with your studies, I'm still a beginner myself, but I hope I helped you out a little bit.
  • KumikoKumaa
    I didn't intend for it to be an introduction. But hey thanks for the corrections.
  • invasion10
    If we do start a group video chat, we can use https://subrosa.io/ or https://jumpch.at/ for a quick temp connection. No account needed at least for jumpchat
  • Elliesuarus
    Sure I'd love a Japanese Skype group. mine is Nirieb53
  • mkomko0
    I'm in :). My skype is: mkomko0mkomk
  • Austindesu7
    Mine is austin.thegear
  • yuriqueen
    HI i'm Ariel I'd love ot be apart of he skype group, you guys can add me, i've been studying japanese for a while now, and can be pretty conversational. But you dont meet too many people in person who are also learning japanese and want to practice with you haha. Just send me a message on skype or here, my skype name is Lunarrainbowx