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I have some questions about Vocabularies & Kanji

Yesterday I discovered this site and I decided to learn Japanese, I'm starting from scratch. I have learned a big part of Hiragana.

Anyway I don't understand how to translate Hiragana or Katakana into Kanji characters, do I have to memorize them or I can understand them by following some rules?
posted by JQKAndrei

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  • Zukato
    It is like 3 alphabets. Romanji (normal our), katakana, hirakaga(japanese) and kanji(chinese characters) U just have to memorize them all :) for everyday use it is about 2 000 - 3 000 kanjis :)
  • JQKAndrei
    So if I find a kanji that I don't know I can't understand what it means?
  • kawaii2cool
    You don't have to learn romaji because then you can't read anything in Japanese but it's optional
  • Mugicha
    I think this site is not well suited for diving in and learning the basics of Japanese grammar from the ground up. I do however think that this place is a wonderful resource for supplementing studies and vocabulary practice. good luck in yer studies!
  • Xiffy
    Yeah, you should be able to learn hiragana/katakana within 2 weeks if you're motivated enough, and for japanese, you'll need to be fully motivated. Kanji is an alphabet on their own, just like Hiragana/katakana, although most texts for children may have furigana (small hiragana above kanji) to read it. In order for you to memorise, or familiarise yourself with Kanji, you'll have to repetitively go over them every so often. most kanji (around 1400) you'll see almost all the time, so they're easy to memorise once you start seeing them in texts and thinking "Hey I can read that one!".
    There is no easy/fast way to learning them all, because just like a a lot of languages, you'll most likely be learning Japanese for the rest of your life.

    Tl'dr: Play around with flash cards, e.g Anki, this site, a few smartphone apps, that will show you Kanji, their readings and examples. I find the best way to learn Kanji is through sentence examples. :) and going over them in your head throughout the day when you can't study at home or on your phone.

    Hope I helped >.< This is just my experience.
  • Arachkid
    Drop romaji like it's on fire. It's the devil and will only slow your learning down. Kill it.
  • JQKAndrei
    I haven't planned on learning romaji.

    I tried to start learning kanji radicals but the reading was written in katakana and I only learnt hiragana, now I'm learning katakana so that I can start studying kanji <3