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Introducing EXP decay?

Just wondering would it make sense to start some sort of EXP decay i.e. if not logged on for a month, say 2% of EXP would vanish. This would promote regular visits and revisions, same as in real life we forget things if don't use them.
I guess this should be more complicated than simple EXP decay, as this probably, after some time, should also let us earn some exp on items that award 0 right now.
What do you think?
posted by black_cat

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  • mistyash
    I think that this is a great idea!
  • black_cat
    Obviously last word will be Breant's, this is just a sugestion what might be worth looking into if there is time and resources available.
  • mog86uk
    I get more EXP if I don't log in for a month, since 0 EXP is higher than minus EXP... :P
  • dusclopsy
  • dusclopsy
    Some people are to busy to log in often.
  • Xiffy
    i feel as if I leveled up too quick, I didn't fully memorise some things in level one and im over halfway to level 3 and im still stuck on some words here D:
  • washoku
    Just FYI, 2% x 50 months =100%. Do you know how @Medyrius would respond to this, since he rarely logs in to JCJP? An angry bear whose food was stolen from his cave. ;D

    I agree with you. I noticed that in the all-time top 100 or 200, less than a dozen are earning EXPs at any given time. Doing one Reading or hiragana a month will not hurt.

    Also, what is the point in creating a JCJP account if you do not use it?
  • Mangan
    well it would not be 2%*50, rather 0.98^50=0.364..., so in 50 months you would lose 64% exp ;)

    I dont really like the idea of being punished for not logging in regularly, even if I now have been doing the attendance almost every day for half a year now :D

  • black_cat
    The 2% a month was just a blind shot, the figures can be anything. And 4yrs 2mnths is a lot, someone who has not logged on to this site for that long probably does not care anymore anyway. And some healthy competition will definitely help the site.

    Also I would not be surprised if Beeant said he was already thinking about it but scrapped it for whatever reason.

    The idea is from times when I played World of Warcraft and certain looting systems were in use that were "promoting" individuals sitting on top of the list rather than people putting an effort into raid. But that's completely different story :)
  • Arachkid
    Why? I can't level up now, so there's little if any reason for me to consistently put any effort into it - I just can't go any further. You're punishing all the people who have no goal to go towards, as they'll just keep building up XP but be the same level. If the content is improved so I have something to work towards... well, I won't be not logging in to begin with, then, will I?
  • Navi
    I really like the idea. It would bother me = i will come here more often than i do! XD