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<h3>What is the difference of isogashii and nigiyaka. Both means "busy" right? When do you use the different words?<br></h3>
posted by jicachan

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  • naruto19
    I dont really know how to explain this, but I will try by giving you some examples
    You can use nigiyaka for defining a busy situation, for example:
    busy town = 賑やかな町 = nigiyakana machi
    I think you can also use isogashiimachi

    for isogashii, you can use it when you want to say that your are busy, for example:
    私は忙しい人です = watashi ha isogashii hito desuI am a busy person
    but I think you cant use nigiyaka for this

    I think nigayaka can be used to explain a busy situation such as crowded place etc

    but for isogashii, is used to explain that someone got so many things to do.
  • naruto19
    I hope that helps, or maybe someone can explain it better than me
  • jicachan
    Thank you! I've got a clue of the difference between the words. =)
  • shuheihan
    A better way of explaining it is that 賑やか means more like bustling or lively. When used to describe a person it means something like cheerful or lively.

    忙しい means busy or preoccupied.
  • jicachan
    I see. Thanks! =)