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abiti da damigella bambina_Top 3 abiti da sposa della settimana: Corti Edition,perché è del tutto illegale (e totalmente scomodo) per sposarsi Nudo

belloabito com/abiti-damigelle-bambine-c-2 abiti da damigella bambina.Voglio dire,a meno che il vostro luogo di nozze è molto isolato e accoglie con favore la nudità,e non ti dispiace essere nakey davanti dei genitori di vostro sposo,è probabile che si sta andando ad avere bisogno di indossare qualcosa il giorno del matrimonio.Ma il pensiero di indossare qualcosa di diverso da un abito da sposa knee-length con questo caldo XTREME East Coast ha me correre per il riparo air-conditioned.Con questo in mente,qui ci sono tre abiti da sposa corti,che non si lasceranno un pasticcio sudato in meno di cinque minuti.abito da sposa 1: Marchesa robesde-mariee fr/goods.php?id=2813 images_ld/td//t35/product_thumb/3/59735353535_402289.jpeg abito da sposa 3: Ines De Santo belloabito com/fi/haeaepuvut-2014-c-13 hääasuja Vuoi indossare un abito da sposa corto?Quale di questi abiti da sposa è il vostro preferito?Foto: WWD
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  • Arachkid
    Spam much?
  • mog86uk
    I'll never understand why anyone would think spamming like this helps them. If I was interested in whatever it is they were selling, I'd purposely go to a different company that hadn't been rudely spamming.

    And his IP address is detected by this site as being from somewhere in Japan? So why is he writing in Italian on this website--a website for learning Japanese and which is written in English? The stuff being advertised sounds like it has nothing to do with Japanese, Japan, or learning a language...

    Another user named "myyoyo01" has advertised a bit for a website, cosyoyo.com. She actually filled in her profile and earned EXP doing Practice questions. She wrote her posts in Japanese and responded to questions about Japanese in the comments. The site she advertised is written in Japanese and sells cosplay outfits. So although her posts would normally look like advertising spam, she actually participated properly on this site and posted stuff fitting in with the theme of this site.

    (I'm not saying that other users who posted that same website aren't spamming. Keystonesee hasn't earned any EXP nor filled in his profile properly, so seems like an advertising spam bot at the moment.)

    If companies are going to use spam, should be more like myyoyo01 or no-one is going to pay the slightest bit of attention and just end up despising that company instead for rude spamming... And if anyone I know mentions that they are buying a wedding dress from belloabito or robesde-mariee or wherever, then I'll tell them not to because it's probably a dodgy company if they are using rude advertising spam bots...
  • mog86uk
    Edit: Actually, Keystonesee has filled in HER profile. So that particular account is probably not an actual bot (unlike bellotinan, who most probably is). Creating an account and immediately posting advertising from day one without participating in any other way to the site, still will be seen as advertising spam either way. :/
  • mog86uk
    @Arachkid, Looks like "keystonesee" has turned out to be a normal user of the site. She is now earning EXP and I noticed she replied to one of your posts, haha! ~_^

    On the other hand, at the moment this user "bellotinian" still appears to be a rude advertising spam bot, and it looks much less likely this user will prove us wrong...