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Is there Help for this site?

Is there some sort of Help file for this site? It's not clear what I'm supposed
to do (or in what order).

For example, under "TO DO", "Vocabulary 1" and "Kanji 1" are just lists. There
doesn't seem to be anything to actually DO.

What do I have to do to complete Level 1?

Thank you!
posted by jckarl7777

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  • Jadore_Violet
    go to lessons and look over lesson 1 then you can do the test. once you get a high percent on the test you pass that level and gain xp. you also gain xp by doing practice mode.
  • squngy
    The link to the test is on the right menu, beneth the chapter list.
  • RovkirHexus
    On the list there's a button to the right for the test.