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図書室 = "library room", not "library"

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www.jisho.org says that 図書室 translates as "library room".

"Library" is 図書館 としょかん

This was in Level 1 practice.
posted by jckarl7777

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  • mog86uk
    I've never heard anyone say "I'm going to the library room" in English before (at least not here in England). Like when a pupil says they are going to go do some study in the library (room) in their school.

    Same with 図書館 -- I've never head anyone say "I'm going to the library building" in English either. Like when a kid asks his mum if they can go to the library (building) in town.

    However, I do think it would be better to add "room" and "building" in parenthesis after the word though. At the moment we have both 図書館 and 図書室 as questions which both have the same English answer "library". This can cause problems if both happen to appear in the answer list at the same time, which has happened to several people (see the screenshot in the post linked below...). ^^;

  • nicolas_jp
    So... Which is correct? Or both are OK? :D
  • nicolas_jp
    I'm a student of a Japanese Institute and We use always としょかん。
  • mog86uk
    図書館 (としょかん), if you have to walk outside to a separate building--a building that you call the library. 館 (かん) means "building".

    図書室 (としょしつ), if your library is just one of multiple rooms within a bigger multi-purpose building. 室 (しつ) means "room".

    I don't know if you read through the link I already posted and watched this already, but check out this quick video on the really awesome Erin's Challenge website. Around halfway, the Japanese student shows Erin to the library in their school, which is just a room (not its own building). She calls this "としょしつ":
  • Arachkid
    nicolas, is that a campus with many different buildings? In schools with one building, the commonly used term is 図書室.
  • jckarl7777
  • _yukixue23_
    図書館 and 図書室 are both correct because 図書 means books and 館 means building and 室 means room. So 図書館 means "book building" and 図書室 means "book room" which both can mean library. Hope this helps!
  • beeant
    I fixed this to library room few months ago. Thank you!
    Let's make library room go away!
  • beeant
    Somehow I want to do that too, but to prevent any technical problems related to it, I try to avoid deleting question from the question set in Lesson.
  • Caio


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