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Chapter 34 test is missing some kanji words after 枚
onyomiマイ ・ バイ
meaningsheet of...; counter for flat thin objects or sheets
posted by JACKBOSMA

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  • mog86uk
    The question for 枚 in the chapter 34 test is "10枚". The main basic use for 枚 is its use as a counter. The lesson already gives you enough information about that, so it shouldn't really require an example. 5枚 = ごまい, which means "five sheets" (of paper or something) wouldn't tell you anything that the meaning description hadn't already explained.

    There were also a few kanji chapters before that one which list some kanji without any examples...

    Kanji chapter 30 has THREE kanji with no examples given. One of these three kanji has a MUCH bigger problem than just not not having its example. I can't believe I've never seen anyone mention about the kanji I'm on about... Maybe I really am the only person who has ever noticed? :P
    We have a disconnect. Chapter 34 kanji are missing for the last character. I study those words for the tests.
  • mog86uk
    Hmm. Even though you explained it, I'm still confused about what you mean... Must be the barrier between our languages. :P

    I've just done the kanji chapter 34 test a couple of times and yet I still couldn't figure it out. :?