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Making weak and good Kanji/Vocab excellent?


I'm just wondering, is there a point at which kanji/vocab that were "good" become "excellent"? It seems that the criteria for "excellent" is to be 100% correct. However this does not take into account words you've just learned or accidental clicks. I notice that once you get a weak kanji/vocab to about 66% correct it will become good, but I have not seen a similar result with good to excellent.

I think it would be beneficial to have a kanji/vocab become excellent when around the correct percentage is at or around 90%. At this point you essentially know the kanji/vocab.
posted by Roguespierre

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  • beee_17
    I completely agree! I lost count of how many times my mouse slipped, or answered too fast and ended up losing the "excellent", even though I know the word. There are some words that I have like 100+ right answers, but it's still on "good" :(
  • beeant
    Yes this makes sense. I will set excellent to be > 95%.
    Actually right now you can get excellent vocab/kanji if you have > 99.5% status.
  • A3agnos
    99.5%? 199 correct answers for one wrong answer, okay no wonder that none of mine vocabularie changed to excellent xD