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about skipping the beginner lessons

Hello everyone I'm new here. This is such a great website for learning Japanese.

What I want to learn it is; I know a bit of Japanese and I don't want to lose time doing hiragana and katakana and other beginner tests but the website forces me to finish them. Is there an exam for placement or anything like that to skip those classes?

sorry if it is a repost. I just couldn't find it anywhere. thanks in advance.
posted by foreveryoung

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  • MrMong
    Do you actually know hiragana and katakana? Because if you don't, you're gonna have to learn it eventually so you might as well do it before learning anything else.

    If you do know it, however, just do as I did when I first joined (I already knew both) and just take the tests quickly. But I don't think you're restricted to the beginner tests, though...
  • 5rree5
    I already know hiragana and katakana, so I just not done those lessons(my english is bad, sorry).
    It's in a different section, not "kanji" or "vocabulary" so you can go without make it.

    But if you don't know, like MrMong said, its better to learn...
  • foreveryoung
    Thanks for your answers. I know kana, my level is between N4 and N3 (I got 80 from N3 exam and failed :D)

    Firstly I took a few of the kana tests but then I just did the practice tests and went on like that. And I realised I didn't have to do the learning tests and there wasn't any restrictions like I thought. (and as MrMong said) And I plan on going on like that. Thanks again.