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Turning off romaji

Just started here and like the whole setup, but I'd like to turn off the romaji cause it just drives me nuts. I looked around but couldn't find any setting about it. Can anyone point me towards how to do so?
posted by KingJace

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  • mog86uk
    Simply reach level 2 (by earning 4000 EXP to fill up your EXP bar for levelling up). All romaji on the site disappears once you've reached level 2. ^^
  • KingJace
    Awesome, thanks so much! =)
  • ryanmorgan
    With the new SRS style on JPClass, 1-star items will go to Oblivion after 1 day. 2-star items will go to Oblivion after 3(?) days. I don't know any more after 2-star because I haven't used it enough to get my star levels up.
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