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How to say something is good

Alright so i had a hard time figuring this out how would you say something is good for example Dark Souls 3 is good or this TV show is good. I know for food you would say oishikatta, if its not much to ask could you put it in romaji form aswell.
posted by Somrann

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  • Matto33
    something something "ii desu." It is a bit general but is fine to use and readily understood. You could also say something something "omoshiroi desu." This means something is 'interesting'
    or ga ii desu.
    .........ga omoshiroi desu.
  • Acidron
    mmm well...what's causing you a hard time exactly? I don't know your level of Japanese...

    If you want to describe something is good in your opinion, a polite example: how about something like: このゲームは Dark Souls 3 を申します、良いゲームですと思います。Kono geemu ha, DarkSouls3 wo moushimasu (polite form of mousu), yoi/ii geemu desu to omoimasu.
    (This game (topic), it's called Dark Souls3, I think it's a good game.)
    So if someone asked you what you like about it, which words and adjectives would you use? いい、おもしろい、たのしい...

    Some important stuff: 良い is read as よい yoi or いい ii meaning 'good', AND THE IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER ABOUT THIS I-ADJECTIVE IS THE CONJUGATION: IT'S ALWAYS CONJUGATED BASED ON THE よい (something was good -> よかった. And usually desu follows after that. Politeness is good to keep in mind). :P


  • LoraDickens
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