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Mobile/Audio Japanese Learning?

I've been trying to learn through the Genki Books for some time now, but I've found that there are a lot of times I want to practice when I can't use them. There are times where it's to dark to read, or not enough space, and other situations in where I want to practice, but taking out my Genki book would be too inconvenient or just won't work in that situation. Most of these situations however, I can use earbuds/headphones etc, while somewhere, or commuting somewhere.

So, in short, like the title implies, does anyone know good ways to learn japanese either on a phone, or through a good audio program?

posted by Zach0

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  • thehairdude
    Personally, I prefer using books to learn. I even use a paper dictionary because computer screens aren't friendly for reading. I use the computer only for audio and Google Translate whenever I don't have time to actually translate an entire phrase. Paper books are slow and inefficient, but help you learn and are healthier than electronic sources.

    Since it's difficult for you to carry books around (I don't know exactly how big the Genki books are), then the best resources you have for learning 日本語 are G-Translate and Kanji dictionaries. Unfortunately, there's no Duolingo course for Japanese, and it's not being developed, so I've given up hope of any viable Japanese courses for electronic devices. Again, I recommend books - I found the smallest books I could find to carry around.