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503 Server error

Am I the only one who's had this happen a lot today? Almost every hour the site seems to go down for a few minutes today.Maintenance?
posted by DeltaI0

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  • AbMichael
    not the only one...
  • wigglysquire
    Seems like for a couple of days now I haven't been able to access the sight at all. I only use it on mobile though.
  • rblopes
    I've been unable to access the site without problems for about a week. It was either the site "skin" not loading or the 503 server errors popping out. I hope everything is fine now.
  • kneesecks
    me too
  • JamesG
    For me, the site layout was totally gone as though there was a coding issue.

    Fortunately, I was able to complete my Oblivion entries today with relative ease. All ~200 of them.
  • rblopes
    @phodogo Not really bro. No. You're just another random spam bot doing your thing as usual. In fact, you're part of the reason why JCJP is, at times, so slow, unresponsive and full of junk posts. Ironically, I can't even access the front-page (at the moment I'm posting this) because of another "503 Server Unavailable" error......
  • icecream080
    I can't access my account of social feeds because I don't have credit cards.