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The Haiku Open Thread

*Special open thread dedicated to haiku*
aka japanese poetry in general, our own attempts to write in that style (including english, free verse and experiments etc.

The idea originated there: http://japaneseclass.jp/bulletin/thread/161
(Spammers jazzed up arrangement of "Alternative Lesson Layout" by Liko)
I wrote a haiku-inspired poetry subject on the theme one of its post (beeant June 23, 2010, 11:43 am):
- The Spring of JCJP: The certain feeling of tranquillity, the endless touch of history. The power of nameless users, I´m just passing by -
almost-haiku by Anonymus Lazybones G., local literature corner

*Post your favourite haiku. Spam as you like. Brainstorming-friendly. Kanji welcomed.*
posted by Gituska

Comments 3

  • ksable
    "Lazy children wade
    through summer, like ducks in pond;
    This is the last line."

    ^Brief poems are the best poems!
  • spanz
    Wow! I'm very bad at this, but this one is great: 5-7-5, and even Kigo!
    I like it.
    And it is good too in reverse order:

    this is the last line
    through summer like ducks in pond
    lazy children wade

    More mysterious, that way (no punctuation). A little bit of Zen.
  • spanz
    I feel better now
    malamas la someron
    this ain't a haiku


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