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1) "Contact us" - the missing link
There is a bug at http://japaneseclass.jp/info/feedback.php
( 404 Page Not Found: The page you requested was not found.)

2) suggestion: to add FAQ (frequently asked questions) section (in the grey upper menu) - there should be some JCJP guide in this area or something like that. (I miss it there).
I would like to put "Hints & Tips on using JCJP to Learn Japanese" to more visible place for all users. I find it very useful.
Maybe, it could be also a good idea to collect the frequented "Level 1 users" questions (and the answers to them) from the bulletin. Because "Bulletin" is not ordered by the importance of its mentioned infos.

3) Does JCJP have an official banner? (Or any promo-thing, which I can put at my blog and such places.) We even have the "pick up a photos" feature in our welcoming page but no "pick up a download-able JCJP´s advertising"! Or is it intentional (to rely on the bush telegraph)?
posted by Gituska

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  • beeant
    Hello Gituska,

    I'm sorry for my late reply.

    1) Thank you for reporting this, I have fixed that.

    2) Ya, actually I am planning to create this kind of wiki or FAQ page. However, I hesitate that people won't read that page (as I seldom read this kind of tutorial page). So, my approach to solve this usability issue, is to make this site as easy as it can be.

    But I think, no matter what, everybody has different level of user experience, and ways of using websites. So I also think that, I will make this kind of page.

    On FAQ's I will have to put my effort to find the questions from long time ago. I think there are lots of them. So, it may take some time.

    3) in the previous version, JCJP has the feature to make your own banner with your short statistics information in it. I kind of forgot to reimplement this feature. I will work on this and implement it ASAP.

    Thank You,
  • Gituska
    as for 2) Yes. The idea "to make this site as easy as it can be" is essential. I like this site very much, because everything is really clear and very easy to understand. I feel very comfortable as the user.
    a) Do you know John Amos Comenius? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Amos_Comenius
    His famous qoute is "School by Play." It means that the best way to learn any foreign language is to do it like playing a game. He wrote the very first methodics (how to learn foreign laguages, focused on latin and children) in the Europe, I think. The whole JCJP project reminds me his philosophy (your teaching way should be as simple and easy as possible) and his ideas are still fresh and effective (to add vocabulary to pictures and such memory helping stuff).

    b) There is no need to create a very long educational paper, featuring The theory of e-learning for dummies. Your hints and tips are great, because that article explains your concept to us. That´s enough, the exactly best thing to do. But it will be hard to find after a while (in the spam-like and very talkative bulletin), if you do not pimp it out.
    As a newbie in this site: I want to know what to do first, to suggest a strategy, to recommend tips and hints. By doing the FAQ, I meant: do the quick navigation. Pay attention to the new questions /the names of the new theards in the bulletin. If you were answering one theme again and again, you would add it to FAQ.

    c) I wonder, whether the developing of the JCJP stuff ("report a bug/ an error" or "do a suggestion") should have a special category/ threads or not. I noticed that we are often using the bulletin for these very specific categories of questions. The word bulletin is supposed to originaly mean "bulletin board", isn´t it? The place for quick news, brief infos, useful notes *for users.* That all goes to the blog entries nowadays. Basically we use the bulletin in the completely reserved way: to put here our actual ideas, the very long sugestions and useful notes *to our BIG BOSS,* the admin.

    To put clear my idea, the scheme of information flow:
    JCJP´s blog: our Big Boss -> gives info to the users
    Bulletin: the user -> gives info to our Big Boss
    Bulletin and JCJP´s blog are equal, they are related to each other. The links to them belongs at one category together (one place for its links in general). What do you think about it? (Blog is mainly outside, but the user mainly inside the site. I feel the divergence. Maybe it is just interesting randomness, no big deal.

    d) as for the absolute beginners and newbies and the suggested help manual to them: I have an idea. Maybe you can add a simple tagline to each section, uhm- I´m sorry for my bad wording:
    (lessons => the learning place, practice => here, you can practise stuff from that learning place, hit: It is recomended to go to study at learning place first, because...).
    So people can naturally learn where they are and what is supposed to do here. FAQ is a centered helpful article - in the (rare) case I feel completely lost, I need some hints or I have a general problem. You can use your "JCJP: hints and tips" article and deliver the useful notes directly to their places of interest.
    => You don´t need to explain everything in the extra newbie manual for dummies, because the learning issues are already covered in Tae Kim´s grammar guide.

    e) I clicked to "New to Japanese". There is only a practice, but no learning feature. =>I miss the learning feature there - like button "learn more about it ... (just in case you know absolutely nothing, you need the clearly explained theory and the additional notes, you can find the useful tips how to learn it there...)"
    I suggest you to simply add the link to Grammar Guide this place:

    => I should be a big help for those users who got stuck at that learning phase and feel tired of it.

    3) "own banner with your short statistics information in it." - like a signature? It sounds great!
  • beeant
    I just finished making the code for the badge.
    if you go to your statistics, you can see Badge link on the top.

    Please try and see. I'm sorry for the simple and not so good design... =(
    I need a designer =D

    Please comment on that, I will reply the rest later.

    Sorry for the short reply.

    Thank You,
  • spanz
    The badge's alternate text is always "beeant Statistics", regardless of the user.
    Nothing wrong with the design. The simpler, the better.
  • beeant
    spanz: thank you for detecting that. =D it has been fixed! thanks
  • Gituska
    wow, I like its design. Its concept clearly saiys: JCJP is fresh, modern and easy to understand like my statistics. Especially, I like the allegory of "JCJP" in the red circle on the white background. There is used a decentered pattern of the (symbolic) japanese flag, isn´t it?
    As for the wrong thing: The text is too monotone!
    -> Name: Gituska Ranking: 1234 Score: B+

    What about to write "Gituska" and "1234" and "B+" in bold text? Because: There is a red circle and it automaticaly catch your eye. The rest is too plain and it looks optical empty. Maybe, you gained the "not so good" feeling because of it. You need something more eye-catching (than the white/monotone grey colour) to kill the monotony in a gentle way, like pointing the important info in a slightly darker colour of the bold text. The darker (the dark grey/black) colour will create the good contrast to the white background - so the optical emptiness will be naturaly filled.

    Overall: very good design concept, it perfectly reflects this site: the simple, the better. Like spanz said. The white emptiness issue is a *visual cosmetic* issue, basically only one mistake you did. Because our eyes are lazy and they want to see all the important infos at one sight.
    For more info about that matter: go to the library and borrow a big book about "How to draw (for beginners)" and read the chapter about "arrangement of objects" and related stuff. You can sense the mistake (referring your design to be "not so good"), but you cannot see it without the knowledge basis. The designer sleeps inside you! =D I guess, you developed this special ability due to your interest in taking photos.
    But people usually need a guidance of their tearcher (or their mentor / the special book with a lot of examples etc.) to help them... to learn "how to discover the hidden mistake and how to see it". It is a typical mistake, so the *trained* eyes can discover it very easily.

    I´m sorry for keeping you so busy. Oh, my god! I had done a lot of curious *spam spam* - then art based psychology analysis - and as a result I sent our Big Boss to the library to study the secrets of art. *blushing*

    short reply = solving things one by one is a good strategy
  • beeant
    Hello Gitsuka,

    I am sorry for my late reply (again)

    I am currently on holiday.

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback,
    and also, thank you for your information about the book,
    That sounds really interesting, arrangement of objects.

    Can you give me more detail about the book? like the Amazon page of the book?

    Yes, thats what I am trying to do, solving things one by one, and taking it easy =D

    Anyway, we all must admit that the design is too simple, isn't it?
    I like it but not so much, I will modify it when I have a lot of time to spend for it. The good thing is, as the image is script based, any user don't have to modify the code whenever I modify the image.

    Thank you,
  • Gituska
    Yeah, the design is really simple one. I can feel the uncertain remaing sense of unfinished artwork here too, but I like it as an user. How to put it - we, users, tend to think in a more practical way -> we click "get the link" = wow, it can do absolutely everything what I want and need! = I´m happy...
    Feel free to do experiments with advanced design ideas and trust your artistic soul. Trial and error method needs a lot of time! =D

    As for the book about "arrangement of objects," well, this theme should be included in art theory related books in general. It depends on subject, type/gendre of art and the desired level of knowledge. Just pick up theme or technique you like and it will be there. For example: It is the essential skill for painting or drawing "still life."
    In other words, the composition of "still life" is all about the arrangement of elements of the artwork - see (the beginner level - turorial):
    -> http://www.draw23.com/drawing-composition

    Unfortunately, I don´t know any special book featuring a super-extra-detailed tutorial about the arrangement of objects. All art theory books / or online articles / usually cover "arrangement of objects" theme in few pages, they give you a few examples. In fact - they are some simply rules in this theory. The key important thing is how to apply them. (I mean your individual experience in praxis.)

    Links of interest:
    *Wikipedia - Principles of art (theory):
    *Explaining the Importance of Composition (easy-to-understand video):
    *Visual elements and principles (including our unballanced badge issue):
    *Focusing on the Elements of Composition in Drawing (more detailed than wiki)

    (uhm, it obviously leads to another offtopic. :D)
    As for my art-related collection of books, I love "The Fundamentals of Portraits" by Barrington Barber. The author uses a lot of pictures as examples (excercises), the writing style is very creative, helpful and inspiring. It contains the upgraded composition issue: from arrangement of objects to arrangement of human beings ( = a family portrait)! Check out his books on Amazon ;-)


    Enjoy your holiday!
    You are so lucky, you can study the arrangement of objects (your dinner) in the local restaurants. Cooking is related to that kind of stuff too. :)

  • beeant

    I have found a solution that may work to solve the JCJP guide problem.

    The solution is to have a Tour pages (just like some other websites)
    so this tour will explain all important features in JCJP,
    I will change the introduction section in the front page to be a short introduction and give a link to a short detailed introductions of each feature, with short quick tutorial.

    as for the FAQ page, I think the FAQ page still has to be exist, but I have to collect the questions.

    What do you think about this solution?
    If you think this is a good idea, I will try to make it, however, it may take some time as I am currently not in Japan which means that the computer I am using now is not in my working environment. I am trying to make it my working environment but kind of difficult... ><

    Thank You,
  • Gituska
    Yeah, it sounds good. A guided tour can connect the explanation directly to the content of JCJP. In my case, I was confused, because I didn´t know where the desired feature is hidden. Or how to use the feature in the best way - for example: I didn´t noticed that vocabulary and kanji lessons are highly connected, because I was weak at hiragana and katakana at that time.
    (You have explained it in your recommended order of JCJP´s study, but I simply didn´t see it.) As for short quick tutorial, that is something like the collection of hints, sorted by the certain theme (a proper "quick help" link at / for the certain section)?
    I see, so the front page will be "short intro" + "read more" links. I think it will be more clear and representative as a result.

    as for the FAQ page, I agree with you. It is a good feature, now it makes sense. I will try to help with collecting too. Do you have any plan or concept (the collected basis)?

    As for the realization. Do as you wish. You are the big boss, the one who is working (programming) here so you have to decide the schedule, moreover the good working environment is important.
  • beeant
    I'm not the big boss... and I think that nobody can be 'the big boss' here, haha

    Anyway, I just want to post a quick notice:

    I have done 3 pages of the tour, I just want you and other JCJP users to take a quick preview at them:
    starting from

    I need your feedback/comment from user's point of view, before I'm gone far away from what you expect.

  • Gituska
    Hello, my quick feedback to your preview:
    from user's point of view: It looks like a promo and advertising "why-to-register." In case of my first visit here, I would take a tour. In other words it is useful for non-members.
    - as for JCJP tourist's view: I miss the tour plan (the summary of chapters) to see my progress of exploring the site or to skip the page I´m not interested to.
    The "next" should be button too. It is small and opticaly hidden. I didn ´t want to click there.

    As for JCJP member's (the fresh registered newbie) view: I usually prefer to take a tour on my own. I would try to study something during my first visit, propably somewhere randomly to explore how it works. Just by clicking "new to japanese" or the other button. If it doesn´t go well (my progress is too slow, I´m bored or tired), I will need FAQ to gain some hints.
  • Gituska
    *I´m sorry for the typo, the missing end (above): to skip the page I´m not interested in (to read).

    Anyway, just for a curiosity sake, the recap of my first visit :D
    1) Wow, an online course for japanese!
    2) It is user-friendly, it looks easy. *random exploring, clicking here and there*
    3) It is a GAME! *haha, japanese for dummies*
    4) It is completely FREE!
    5) I want those japanese exps too. EXPs are very COOL, aren´t they? *she goes to register*
    6) Wow, I have got 6 Exp! Damn, I want more...

    quote: "I'm not the big boss... and I think that nobody can be 'the big boss' here, haha"
    I think so. Beeant, you have pointed an important thing. JCJP is very user-friendly, because all users are equal. The idea of the comunity based e-learning (and its main premise "self-study = game") makes JCJP very unique.
    But I didn´t find the right wording to describe the situation at that time. Because the various names like "Mr. Answerman," "Mr. Troubleshooter", "Mr. Admin, the local IT guy (= the slave) who solves all errors and all ideas" or "Mr. Caretaker" sound even more funny :D

  • beeant

    I'm sorry for my late reply,

    I think you are right, it looks like a promo.
    But I also think that it is still ok for now, and I will leave it as it is for now.
    I will change it next time.

    I just found some new stuffs/knowledge that can be applied in modifying JCJP to be better. However it made my mind goes everywhere into some abstract ideas...
    So now, I'm kind of busy writing some codes to try out some of my abstract ideas..

    I'm sorry for my short reply, I will get back to you.

    Thank You,
  • spanz
    Hi, Gituska!
    You have very interesting points of view about JCJP.
    I'm more into the content that into the form, but I think design is very important, too. Your comments and suggestions are really good. Keep suggesting, please!
    And about the big boss, of course he is!
    He is everything here: Creator, Admin, Coder, Designer, (all of your funny names, too), and as himself says, Lazy and Stubborn. Think of him as a kind of Chuck Norris...
    Gomen, Beeant! I have a severe lack of sleep! Damn night shift!
    Jokes apart, Beeant really needs our help. I also want to see how this site gets better and better. No other site lets you get involved in the development as this one, so as you said, JCJP is really unique.
    See you!
  • Gituska
    reply to beeant:
    It looks so-so, "promo" the typical concept of the big money-making projects. JCJP is more... about being friendly, it´s the social community too. Hehe, it represents the fullfiled dreams of all otaku: learn japanese for dummies, FREE of charge and without that all-romanized mess.

    spam1 - Do you know "Korean Class 101"? It is the totaly annoing website in my opinion, but they have a very catchy promo (the guide with numbers, arrows, really very systematic presentation, so be sure to check them) and of course, they have the "free trial service." I have tried it, because I was curious after promo. In that case, their BIG BOSS send you... thousands of emails everyday and you´ll have to face their massive "best offer" spams. Bleh.

    spam2 - I´m very curious, the abstract ideas (bn), no, I meant.. by Beeant(c). Feel free to test anything on me. My personality type is INTP, I can discover the errors in your concepts easily.

    spam3 - I miss "quote" function here, I feel lack of counting things
    spam4 - thank you for informing me about future plans
    spam5 - as for that green progress bar at the top, I like it. For some reason, I was lazy to comment it in the blog...
  • Gituska
    reply to spanz:
    Hi, spanz! I have always thought about you that you are the RIGHT HAND of the Big Boss. Your funny name is "Acting director of commenting", because you are able to comment the right things and use the right words at the right time. (Hey, I´m very happy now... thanks for your support.)
    "The final design" is the thing which sells the final product, of course, you are right. Very important to solve.

    "You have very interesting points of view about JCJP."
    - Hehe, maybe because I wrote my thesis about the innovatory usage of e-learning. Basically, our Big Boss proved all my theories in praxis. :D Or wait for my MBA degree, maybe I will be able to write about JCJP directly.
    (to Bn: Jokes apart. Would it be - very theoreticaly - possible?)

    "And about the big boss, of course he is!" Hehe, that is oblivous. The true BIG BOSS never says: "Hey, I´m Big Boss!" Spanz, your big-boss theory is the catchy game that I love here. It makes JCJP very lively, friendly and also unique. Very own JCJP´s sense of humour!

    "No other site lets you get involved in the development as this one," = the proof, that big-boss theory realy working in praxis. It is much more deeper than joking. Also, it´s one of the most poweful leading style in the management, but very hard to realize it in the real life. It keeps people very motivated all the time.

    "I also want to see how this site gets better and better."
    - You pointed the main premise.

    I suspect our Big Boss of using that know-how unintentionally at the beginning. Did you noticed it too?
    Gosh, I´m sorry for such a long reaction. But I think it would be interesting theme for Big Boss too. The our side of view and its analysis.
  • spanz
    Wow! Thank you very much, Gituska!

    You're very kind (that makes me happy, too), but RIGHT HAND (uppercase!) is too much for my weak contribution. (That reminds me Midori no Hibi, LOL!)
    If anything, I'm one of the most annoying users ever. Besides, Beeant is probably left-handed!

    About me being able to comment the right things and use the right words at the right time, that's simply not true.
    I have a very disperse point of view, so you can't rely on me to make always useful comments. And about the right words, that's very funny. You don't know how I struggle to write in English something that makes sense. Half of the time, people misunderstand me.

    "I suspect our Big Boss of using that know-how unintentionally at the beginning. Did you noticed it too?"
    I'm not sure what do you mean. Maybe "intentionally"? Anyway, I didn't notice anything, because I have the sensitivity of a brick. If the Big Boss is pulling the strings from the very beggining, I guess not. It's only the way he is. I can't think of him manipulating us to be supportive and such. He's a very kind person, and that's enough for me.

    Ah, don't worry about making long posts. I have some huge posts here, and I've even sent Beeant some very long e-mails (more than 100 lines), and he always reads them all.

    I've seen in your blog a very funny video titled Fumiko no Kokuhaku, with very, very, very few dialogs.

    Maybe you can upload it here, just for fun. The vocabulary will be very easy to extract.

    See you!

  • Gituska
    Hi, spanz!
    Haha - I have problems with the english wording too. As you say: "It's only the way he is. I can't think of him manipulating us to be supportive and such. He's a very kind person, and that's enough for me."

    There is a special branch of science which explain how these elements of human behaviour works. It´s tricky to explain. Just a note: Altruism, Tit for tat.

    as for long posts: Sometimes, I feel alone or unuseful, in case I wrote a very long post. LOL, I should study more... OR upgrade myself to *the love letters to Big Boss* level. On the other hand: The annoying, talkative users are very useful, just because they pick up whatever occurs in their mind and not keep silence. It is very inspiring.

    I love Fumiko no Kokuhaku, so I´ll add it. And what about Bokko-chan?
    星新一 「ボッコちゃん」 It´s a famous short story by Schinichi Hoshi, he is my favourite writer. It´s the classical literature, haha, very educational. There is a whole collection of his stories available online. (from Hoshi Shinichi’s Short Shorts. Btw. the episode with Bokko-chan is the Emmy-award winner.)
    How difficult is it?

  • beeant
    what do you mean by spam3, quote function?
    Praxis is a new word for me, it seems interesting, what does it exactly mean in short?
    hahaha, I think you should not write about JCJP for your MBA degree, because it's like, there is no business in JCJP, I dont earn money. I haven't earn money until now. haha

    You're right, I want JCJP to be a lively community where Japanese Learners gather to learn together, share, discuss, etc. I'm still looking for effective ways to make all users contribute in this community.

    Thats not true, you have been being useful in giving some feedback. I think any kind of contribution is useful. So don't worry.
    About the long posts, I'm totally ok with that, but I prefer it to be brief. but sometimes you need to write long to explain what you think. So its ぜんぜんオッケー!

    why do you think I am left-handed? I'm right handed haha..

    Ya, I always read your emails even though it's very long. But please don't be disappointed if it takes a long time for me to response. I need sometimes to concentrate and think to read your emails.

    Anyway, Im not the BIG BOSS ><
    please don't call me that.
  • Gituska
    Hi, Beeant,
    Praxis is a german word, my dictionary says: practice, experience, knack. But I used it as a slang/idiom (which works in my language, but not in english). We have special wording for "to use your experience in your life / something useful in the real life, not theory". Pragmatic.

    Haha, the most important part of my studies is about "how to get big money for your non-bussiness projects from EU."

    spam3 - quote function
    forums at myanimelist.net or at d-addicts.com uses BBcode [quote]bla bla bla[/quote] for citations. It´s comfotable in (more than 2 people) discussion. Result: (bold text: Spanz wrote): bla bla bla (packed in a special frame). And "spoiler" BBcode tag exists too. You can organize your long posts by using it.

    I think, that emails and long letters are easier to handle as feedback than long posts, because you can filter it... So I will try to write email to test it next time. Bulletin is good for short quick reports, news, feedback discussions...
  • beeant
    Oh... thanks for the explanation =D
    Yes! thats the basic concept of JCJP, its like you dont need to try so hard to read, and try to memorize (like in general traditional learning method). well, you still need to read and memorize the words, but thats not the main point. the main point is to read enough, test yourself, see the result. if the result is not good enough, then better luck next time! try again and keep on trying. just play and learn.
    I dont know how to explain it. I think praxis is a good word to explain it. haha

    Wow, if so, then you can apply your studies for JCJP to speed up the development haha ;)

    ya, the reply system doesn't have the quoting function... if I see that is important in the future, I will implement it.

    yes, its also easier for me to put them in my to do list, because all the emails are only saved in one location.
  • spanz
    Warning! Long post ahead! (kind of)

    @Beeant: Praxis is a new word for you?
    @Gituska: Praxis is a German word?
    It IS a Greek word. Romans took it and through Medieval Latin, it was spreaded everywhere in Europe and now all over the world. So it is a Greek word, a German word, an Italian word, a Portuguese word, a French word, a Spanish word... (too many to mention), and of course, an English word, too.
    There's even an US film with that title, and many, many books, in many languages.

    @Gituska: I haven't seen Bokko-chan, yet.

    @Beeant: If I'm your right hand (as Gituska thinks), then you are severely handicapped. I was hoping you were left-handed. Ugh, who wants to be the right hand of a guy? That's disgusting! Hahaha!

    @everybody: Yes, a quoting system would make the posts cleaner, but the truth is that the Bulletin concept is too inflexible, and that wouldn't help much.
  • beeant
    I'm right handed haha.
    I didn't know that you are a girl until I saw your profile just now.. hahaha after this long, I thought you were a guy. I am so sorry...
    I should talked to you more nicely, but I'm not good talking with girls though ><

    Actually I used bulletin because I didn't have any option. If you remember, we used to have a forum using phpBB, but I removed the forum.
    Because of this I couldn't use Forum.
    I also thought about Community Board, but its too long to fit in the top menu. So I ended up with bulletin.

    I dont really know about the real concept of Bulletin. I intended to make this Bulletin feature for people to discuss, talking, etc like a forum. Does "Bulletin" create a different image for this?
  • Gituska
    @spanz: Mother Wikipedia, Father Google and their child is Propaganda of Europeanism...
    In the german language, it is used with big P, so "in Praxis" looks very cool. My teacher of german language used it frequently, I´m brainwashed by her...
    - as for Bokko-chan, it´s up at my blog.
    as for the right hand issue: in case, that Beeant is fully right-handed, Spanz must be kind of additional external right hand. Like the external hard disk.

    @Beeant: hahaha... level of sensitivity: The Great Wall of China (spanz - the Brick level- even managed to spy my blog!)
    It´s ok, just be yourself. AFAIK I´m only girl who thinks that the (in)famous Twilight saga series terribly misses a big sparkling gundam. :D

    Bulletin - hey, but the name is not the main problem. Its concept is very inflexibile/uncomfortable for talking and discussions. (We are using Bulletin as a *substitute forum* at the moment... ) Well, it´s image is... Facebook?
  • spanz
    Haha, in Spanish, praxis is not a cool word, but a normal word.
    Yes, I'm like an external hard disk or a brick, that is, small and rectangular. Hahahaha!
    Sorry, I had not time to see Bokko-chan, yet.
    Ja! <- The Japanese Ja, not the German one...
  • beeant
    Is that really true? Wikipedia, Google, etc is Propaganda of Europeanism?

    Why do you feel that bulletin is inflexible/uncomfortable? please give me some suggestions on how to improve it, so that many users would use it.
    I got some inspirations on UI web usability from Facebook, because I think that Facebook is really user friendly.

    You're also a girl Gituska, haha I'm a shy boy...

    no spanz, you are not just an external hard disk, just look at Spanish interface translations and vocabulary database translations, all of them are 100%, and more other stuffs. You have done so many things to improve JCJP. Thanks a lot.
  • spanz
    beeant's quote: "You're also a girl Gituska, haha I'm a shy boy..."
    Also?... ALSO?... AAAALLLLSSSSOOOO? O_o!

    Let's see...
    beeant's quote from a previous post: "I didn't know that you are a girl until I saw your profile just now.."

    Hmmm... "You are a girl" and "You're also a girl Gituska"...
    Hmmm... The only posters here are Gituska, Beeant and me...

    Robert de Niro's quote: "You talkin' to me?"
    Do you think i'm "also" a girl? HAHAHAHA! EPIC FAILURE!

    I don't know if you're shy, but you sure are funny!
    What profile was you talking about?

    Hahaha...HAHAHAHA! Sorry! This is too fun!

    About the Wiki/Google/Propaganda, I don't understand it either.
    We all use a weird English... Keep the fun!

    Spz, aka the brick from the Great Wall of Spain. :D
  • Gituska
    haha, let me explain it: spanz is clever as Wikipedia, active and hard-working as Google search and moreover spanz claimed that praxis is an universal european word. That sounds just like kind of europeanism (it is used to describe support for European integration), so spanz got another funny name "Propaganda of Europeanism" as a child of Wiki and Google. :D
    (I´m trying to write shorter posts, oh, so maybe next time...)
    And spanz stays in anonymity with unfilled gender, what a wise decision :D

    I´m not a Facebook user, so maybe I simply feel this way because of it. (Wow, I sensed Facebook correctly! I use intuition, not judging. So I don´t have any racional reasons). I´m MAL user (it is blue too, haha, but more otaku version), so Facebook was considered as good-for-nothing double life.

    As for discussions: I like functions like bold/italic text, quoting (it is good for doing jokes) and tree of topics (systematic like forum).

    As for spanish: yes, the translations and interface are really nice. I switched there - quite often. I have studied spanish only for one year (= beginner level), so I can repeat vocabulary that way. :)
  • spanz
  • spanz
    Oops! What a short post!
    Next try:

    Do you want me to blush? You know, I'm shy, too. Stop the compliments, please. Funny names are ok, even if I don't understand them :D

    About Bokko-chan, I love it. It's kind of difficult (compared to Fumiko's) to grasp all they say, but it's not too long. If you post it, I'll try to write the dialogs.

    About the posting functions: If something is good to make jokes, I want it!

    Your genderless and ageless spy, spanz.
  • Gituska
    @spanz: Hey, it was not any kind of flirty compliments. I´m in lesson 1, so I know that basic words. I can not know, what horrible things are stored in advanced levels... I can switch to german too and it is very good as well :P So called "Funny names" are randomly picked words, just because the english language can be used in very crazy way.
    summary of current situation: beeant is a shy IT guy, spanz is supposed to be a shy (but talkative) spy (or maybe IT is the local "Cousin ITT" from Addams family, because ITT wears sunglasses, a derby hat and gloves just like a spy) -
    and Gituska is the cross-dressing girl.
  • spanz
    If anything, Gituska is the cross-language girl.
    日本語, Čeština, Deutsch, English, Español, and who knows, maybe Klingon... (level 1, of course) XD.
    By the way, Praxis (uppercase P!) is also a Klingon moon!
  • Gituska
    Haha, Praxis, the Klingon moon!
    Btw. I´m fluent in Esperanto ->>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4JO7wFvOxM
    I haven´t mastered Klingon (yet), I have always prefered "Around the World with Willy Fog" series, which was aired at similar timeslot.
    OP ->>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8LdsQoqCSQ
    ED ->>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SAID8VQDHA
  • dmunky
    I just wanted to mention some weird redirect that's been happening today while in quiz mode. I'll be doing Practice and trying get some combos, and suddenly it'll redirect to a yellow pages site. I'm running OS X 10.6.2 and Firefox 3.6.
  • beeant
    Hello dmunky,

    How many times it happened?
    I think that problem is because of the advertisement ><
    If it is still happening or happened a lot of times, I will remove the ads.

    Thank You,
  • Gituska
    I survived one of that sudden yellow jump too. It happened few days ago, but I use Ad Block Plus, so all kind of my unwanted virtual turism is blocked by it (now including those yellow trips from JCJP). *maybe she is born with it, maybe it is MAYBELLINE*
    But I want to report this error message from Practice section, in case it is related ->>> http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/3391/errorjcjp.jpg
    Sometimes, my attemps on longer combo are stopped by it. I have no problem with it, it appears randomly - AFAIK it was always connected to the right answers.
    I simply refresh the site and continue with new practice...
  • spanz
    No ad's nor php problem for me, but I haven't practiced lately.
    Instead of it, I had other problems. Beeant, look at your comment box.

    No, it's not maybelline, it's because you're worth it. Hahahah!
    Are you fluent in Esperantooooo? I don't know if I can believe you anymore...
    I also didn't see Star Trek, but... did you really like "Around the World with Willy Fog"???? I know it well (i think it's a Spanish anime). I didn't like it much, because I hated the butler and the mouse. A Gundam probably would have improved the program...

    Ah!, I'm still stuck with Bokko-chan. Some sentences are difficult for me.

  • beeant
    I have reported the ads problem to the advertisement company, they said they have removed the auto redirecting ads. hopefully that kind of ads wont appear anymore.

    About your error, that is caused by a double click on the right answer, you just need one click! =D
  • Gituska
    Oh my god, I was too active yesterday. Double clicking! :D

    The complete grammar of esperanto features only about 16 basic rules, it´s constructed as an absolute regular language. It´s very easy to understand, but it´s also a very creative and an accurate language. Actually, you are able to write (or to talk, read the books etc.) - even form your opinion or ideas - in (relatively) short time.

    As for Willy Fog: Hahaha, yes, I really love that show because of beautiful voice acting of czech actors, nice art and catchy songs. Well, I collect animations and kids/family ranked series or movies (and related stuff) since my early chilhood, so I was rewatching it on tv (yeah, even at my age...) last year :D (Moreover Princess Romy was my idol heroine for long time, because she is a CAT PRINCESS who always wears very elegant dress, hahaha, I was fascinated by arictocrats and cats as a child).
    Aaaah!I have just noticed videos WILLY FOG THE MUSICAL. Awesome... *singing along with the theme tune*

    As for Star Trek, I´m not trekkie, but I watched few episodes of TNG, because I liked capitain Picard and Data.

    I have found another version of Bokko-chan: A movie rendition of the Japanese short-story by Shinichi Hoshi, subtitles in English.
    ->>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEolhQKu4EQ
  • spanz
    Kurioza lingvo.

    That multiracial live version of Bokkuska is very curious as well. What awful actors! Why those Russian posters? Why they speak in Japanese?
    Sadly, that (and another subtitled versions out there) don't help me with the dialogs. The plot is clear, and also the sentence's meaning, but I want to write exactly what they're saying in the animated version (there's some changes between versions).

    Don't worry about liking Willy Fog "even at your age". まだ若いのよ!

  • Gituska
    Well, that "Bokkuska" the live action is the student projekt for Film Festival, made by team of TUFTS University, I guess. They are reading the whole story in original (like it was written by Hoshi) and performing it live.

    Hahaha, I can hear all the spoken sounds quite clearly, but most of time I have no idea about the exact meanings (starts, ends, everything grammar-like) of words. :D
  • mildseven
    i think their japanese is quite good, but ya, why do they use japanese? its not like a project for their japanese class, its for a film festival. it could be even better if they use their native language (for acting in a film)
  • Gituska
    I don´t think so. It´s independent production for the university film festival, so you can do a lot of stupid things freely in that case, just because it would be fun. It´s totally strange, crazy, multiracial, spoken in japanese... uhm, film-joke?
  • rlgreen
    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right place to report this, but on Vocabulary Level 1 Chapter 4, you have the incorrect kanji for きれい。
  • dmiya
    Hey. Really helpful site, but I have some recurring issues. In the 'practice' section, even if I adjust the settings to exclude 'kanji' and chapters I am currently practicing, I still get new vocabulary and kanji as practice questions. It doesn't really make sense.

    Also, the live score updates are nice, but they really get the CPU and fan on my computer going crazy. Is there a way to not display a live feed to every user's score all the time? I'm sure the logistics are complicated but it seems a little excessive to have my computer running on turbo for a few hours when I use your website. Actually, that's usually why I stop practicing.
  • mog86uk
    @dmiya, You do realise this thread is over five years old and the last post was four years ago? If you want people to see your question, it would be much better to start a new thread. ^^

    ・You're right about turning off "Show Kanji" still showing kanji in the question. It has only been designed to show/hide the kanji in the "Multiple Choice Option" answer choices list. Show kana used to be the same, however it was changed to affect the question too after people asked for it to be changed.

    ・You can only set Practice to specific levels, not chapters. If only level 1 & 2 are enabled, you will only be given any questions from chapters 1~20, but this includes new question in those chapters too. To make sure you do not encounter new questions, you need to fully complete all the lessons for the levels you select, then you shouldn't get new questions at all.

    ・To hide the live score updates, simply resize your web browser window. If you make the window narrower than 1000 pixels, the layout of the site instantly switches to mobile view, which doesn't show the left and right side bars at all. This should help you. ^^


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