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reading material in hiragana

Hello . I've just memorized the Hiragana letters . I need some reading material in hiragana but don't know where to find it .. anyone could help ?
posted by AlaaSaraya

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  • mbsdsp
    maybe you can click the "readings" in the left of your monitor/screen in the "learn" row ^^
  • beeant
    you can start practicing your hiragana readings by starting the vocabulary lessons too!
  • Ag12x
  • AlaaSaraya
    @mbsdsp I did and all of it contains Kanji so i can't read it
    @ beeant yeah I practiced it for awhile but I need a whole sentence or a paragraph
    @Ag12x thank you , I was looking for this ^_^
  • mog86uk
    There's a really nice app for what you want called "PIBO", which has Japanese picture books with pictures for stories aimed at children. It's mostly all in hiragana and very basic. Each book also has audio narration too. It's on both Android and iOS. Can find the links to the apps on the homepage:


    Sadly though, it's only free for a trial period. To continue using it after the trial ends, you have to subscribe for \480 a month (\ = Japanese yen). I paid for one month to check it works, and the currency converted price for me was £3.89 a month (GBP). Works perfectly though. ^^
  • AlaaSaraya
    I'll try it ;) thanks