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Discord Japanese chat?

I would like to know if people here are interested to join a Discord server dedicated for chatting in Japanese for practice. I haven't made one, but if there's enough interest for it, then I will. :)

posted by miharusshi

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  • miharusshi
    Oh yeah, there's a desktop client which you can download here: https://discordapp.com/

    It's also available for iOS and Android.
  • armerala
    Sounds like fun. Though, I vaguely remember somebody saying something about that. Somebody know if one already exists for this site?
  • arbalasquide
    Yes, there is already one, but the person I had entrusted to gave it back to me and I do not have the time to manage it. Right now, theres a few active people so you could get help from them if they're online https://discord.gg/9cTCSv9
  • miharusshi
    @arbalasquide Oh nice. I guess I'll just join that one. Thanks for sharing!


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