List of SPAM Users

Hello, fellow learners.

I just came up with the idea to make a list of users who have done nothing but spam completely unrelated things (e.g., ads, self-promotion) on the website's feed--basically anything outside the purpose of this website.

I see no point in checking out what those spam links are--as long as they have no recorded activities in this website since the day they joined. Their spam activities do not only make the feeds look annoyingly cluttered, but also makes the website, as a whole, vulnerable to uninvited outsiders.

This is a proposal to have these users' profiles deleted from this website and to ban their email address from getting registered again if they ever return to this website.

You, fellow learners (legit users), are free to add spam accounts if they're not here already.

Without further ado, here are some spam users I've seen these past few days:

benniegeorge (
datdathc (
iphone8case (
jamesrivard (
jodi (
kimloo (
meecase (
nemesh (
smily (
sunrise (
YogaDW (

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