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How to set "location" in profile?

I can't figure out how to set my current location. "Edit profile" allows me to change only password and birthday date...
posted by meidei

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  • spanz
    You can't. The location shown is based in the user's IP. It seems your IP range is not in the database.
  • suaracahaya
    Sorry for replying on the old thread, but this seems bugging some users (like me ;).
    And also, it seems that the "Gender" section isn't being saved to the database: every time I edit profile, it seems to reset itself...
  • Stray_Mongrel
    I wrote to the company that edits the database used to determine location, and they insisted my IP address was in the list, yet it still shows me as unknown.

    Another thing, I can't seem to figure out how to set just my birth year, and gender. I don't ever post my full birth date online, ever. I wish I could just post the year I was born.