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Requesting EXP points for grammar practice


Its true that I havent been a member very long and I find the site extremely good, but I wish that we could get scores while doing the grammar practice excercises. They are a lot of fun to do :). It would be great if that were possible. Is there a reason why its not done yet...?

posted by tchiza

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  • beeant
    Hello tchiza,

    Thank you very much for using JCJP and give positive feedback.
    I am thinking the best way of creating a system to learn Grammar similar to the system used in learning Vocabularies/Kanji.

    Currently, I am trying to organize the syllabus for JCJP standard.

    I believe that grammar system is possible, but it needs a lot of thinking and work to make it happen. please be patience and look forward for it. ;)

    Thank You,
  • tchiza
    :D yes ill be waiting.....thank you for your hard work...