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Japanese now available on Duolingo!

Yesterday, I got an email notification that Japanese is now available on Duolingo (http://www.duolingo.com). I took the placement test on there and saw that I passed the first four skills, which is basically about hiragana :)
posted by seireenko

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  • mog86uk
    I started that Japanese course on Duolingo 6 months ago on web. ^^

    However, it was officially released on the apps 5 months ago and on web 17 days ago. I hadn't noticed they'd finally got round to sending out the notification emails until you mentioned it. I received that email the same time as you.

    Duolingo is a good place to put some of the words you've learnt in JapaneseClass.jp into practice in sentences. ^^
  • Lincolnonion
    oh, that's why my friend was puzzled when I said I found Japanese on Duolingo
  • Captn4wesome
    It's still beta, but I waited for it and I'm participating, too :)

    I basically started from the beginning, but the hiragana part was a good revision for me...now I started with the basics, too