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newbie here. need help please

I saw this website say you can learn through games but I don't see any games. Are they somewhere I just haven't seen? Have I not unlocked them yet?
Also, I haven't really seen any consistency when it comes to what reading the quiz is after for the kanji. Do you need to memorize all readings? And all usages of the word it gives? I was given the kanji for going but the quiz gave me the verb form to go. I've also seen where it give me the onyomi in katakana but then the multiple choice answer is in hiragana is that normal?
It just seems like there is not a lot of consistency and it is very confusing and I can't find any sort of FAQ or tutorial.
any help understanding this website would be appreciated. Thanks
posted by raelynx

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  • mog86uk
    The quizzes are the "games", where there's an EXP and levelling system involved in it. However, Beeant (the sole person running this website) had wanted to make it into more like a proper game than simply the quizzes.

    Onyomi is shown in katakana rather than hiragana on the kanji information pages, but this is only to make it easier to tell the two apart. Kanji dictionaries (both online ones and physical ones) very often display them that way too — kunyomi in hiragana, onyomi in katakana — but only for display purposes. When actually writing Japanese, if want to write a word that uses the onyomi, such as 本 "hon" (book), without using the kanji, then you still write them in hiragana even for onyomi.

    The kanji quizzes are for writing the reading of actual standalone words (for the most part...). Most of the words tested should be ones that were given under where it says "examples" on the lesson page. The answer choices mostly contain three completely impossible readings for the kanji (readings that aren't listed under either kunyomi or onyomi on the lesson page) and one correct one. So, even if you neither know the word nor saw the example on the lesson page, you can still usually work out the only one which can be correct if you memorized just the onyomi and kunyomi.

    There are times when it is harder harder, where you do need to know the word. Sometimes it will ask you to choose between kunyomi or onyomi (words that are compounds of two or more kanji are *usually* onyomi, other words are *usually* kunyomi). Sometimes it will ask you to choose between unvoiced and voiced kana (such as whether 三百 is さんひゃく or さんびゃく), where you actually have to checked out beforehand which way round it is. But this shouldn't happen much in the earlier lesson chapters. ^^
  • Ludovicus
    Also, even though this isn't an actual game, the leveling up/exp system does help with making you (or at least me, lol) feel more likely to study and try to get more points daily.

    And even if you disregard the "game" part, this website is still fairly well laid out. Mainly if you compare it to most android apps. Most of them are really bad for learning and studying, nor have a good way to "drill" the weak words. This website helps you keep track of your studies, has a cool SRS system, and has the possibility of talking to other learners. It does have some weak points, but most of them can be overlooked without a problem really.

    If you wanna know how to use it, it's fairly simple. Go to "Lessons" and do all the lessons for your current level (as in, study the kanji/vocabulary and do the test for each chapter), you can decide whether you wanna repeat the lesson until you get 100% or just jump to the next one once you get over 60% correct. After you are done with all the kanji and vocabulary lessons, go to the practice section, and "drill" the quizzes till you level up and unlock the next level's kanji/vocabulary chapters. That's at least what i've been doing so far. I would recommend starting with vocabulary first, then going to kanji, as the vocabulary is somewhat easier to study in this website.

    Keep in mind that learning Japanese isn't something you can do in a night. You gotta keep "drilling" them Kanji, reviewing everyday, and things like that. Also, don't limit yourself to only one source/app/website. Search different apps, websites, try some books. Basically, try to find/figure out something that works for you. Every person is different. I really liked the android app "Obenkyo" myself, and it was my first huge step in learning Kanji, and then i came to this website, which i have been liking.

    Try out www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/ as well. And don't give up on this website just yet, it may be useful for you. At least just try to come here everyday and do a few of te lessons and the practice for 15~30 minutes, it may help you improve your knowledge on the Japanese Language over time.