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New feature suggestion -- Reading practice

Okay, I feel really bad for making a suggestion considering beeant is uber busy and there's been a bunch of other user suggestions here lately, but... I think this idea would be fairly simple to implement :D

Here we go;
I made this picture to demonstrate -->

What I propose is something quite similar to the current Photo feature except you don't quiz by seeing the images tagged but rather from the list created for the image (Like the quizzes in "Video" and "Note"). You would still have the pop-up tags to assist you as you read rather than look up words in a dictionary :D And it wouldn't be used for just manga -- we could use magazines and other reading material too. I guess a good name for this feature would be "Reading Practice". I dunno, I think it would be a fun way to learn since we'd be reading real Japanese text :D And the big pop-up words would be very handy for newbies (since you can really see the kanji better like that).

What do you guys think? It should be pretty easy since essentially a modification of the Photo feature. Also, beeant, you said that there may be a copyright problem, which I agree. Recently, many manga sites have been taken down, however the series I posted has been up on other sites for a long time without trouble. So, as long as we post unlicensed manga we should be fine (meaning absolutely no Shounen Jump stuff...) and there should also be a 'delete image and 'make image private' feature. And if publishers tell us to delete certain pictures, no biggie, we'll just delete 'em.

BTW Spanz, I'll use better scans next time, that picture was just a random test/brainstorm thing =D
posted by StonerPenguin

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  • Ryumatori
    I support 100%!!! I would benefit from this greatly since I have to read in class. So ya, great idea. Up to Beant though :)
  • spanz
    I don't understand it, but it sounds good.
    Do you mean showing a Tag as the question and the list's English translations as possible answers? The big pop-ups should hide the meanings, then.

    About being pretty easy to do, we have to wait for beeant's opinion. There could be some technical difficulties we don't know. For example, the main problem in Photo Practice (the small tags) could easily be resolved showing the whole image with the tag highligted as in the tag's page, but according to Beeant, that would have an intolerable performance penalty due to some technical reasons we're not aware of (the bigger the image, the worse).
    It probably would be the same here, because a good-looking manga / magazine page would be really big. Or maybe not. Anyway, it sounds good.

    <i><b>"the series I posted has been up on other sites for a long time without trouble"</b></i>
    I thought that particular manga was published in 2009. Not so much time...

    Stoner, can you upload a good scan to see how it is affected by the scaling process? (All the images here are re-scaled)
    Probably, your original page looks blurry due to this. If it's the case, we have one more problem.

  • Gituska
    What about webcomics, web manga? (no scans needed)
    ---&gt; xkcd has got natural mirrors in multiple languages, no licencing problems.
  • spanz
    Sorry for the late reply. I got owned by real life...
    Webcomics sound perfect to me, provided we can use them (copy) here without leaving JCJP to see them. Do you know more examples? Xkcd doesn't look like manga at all.
  • Gituska
    I don´t know any webmanga written in japanese :(
  • spanz
    I've found this:
    Under the WEB漫画ランキング header on the left side, there's a list of popular webcomic sites.
    Many of them look as good as actual mangas. I'm not sure if they're really uncopyrighted web content, though.
  • Gituska
    wow, God bless Shuho Sato: "Say hello to Black Jack" English translation project is on the go at "Nico Nico Seiga".
    Can JCJP integrate the video results of their admirable hardworking effort and cunningly upgrade it by adding the proper chapter+volume testing/quizzes?
  • spanz
    Wow indeed!
    I still don't know what kind of tests / quizzes we can do with manga, but it sounds great!
  • Gituska
    Transcriptions are hidden in the subtitle history, sometimes. Well, I need kind of a note. I do not remember what exactly I saw during the manga slideshow. The idea of worldwide video-manga is exciting. In fact, the resulting format is fansubbed video...
  • spanz
    I think our current Notes won't do. They are good for vocabulary, but not for sentences.
    Suppose we make a Note with all the sentences from a chapter. When quizzing, the system will show the correct answer and three other random answers from other questions in the same Note.
    Usually, three of the answers will have nothing to do with the 'question'. If you recognize, say, a kanji, it will be very easy to discard some answers and tell which is the correct one just in a glance.
    We need to craft the possible answers so all of them look alike. That is, the options must be prepared in advance, at creation time (not random). Also, the number of answers has not to be always 4. There are tests (unrelated to manga reading) that could work better with only 2 options (yes/no, transitive/intransitive...)
    Of course, the current random mode should be optional, because it is good for other things, and requires far less work to create.
    I think that a non-random mode would make Notes a much more powerful feature for manga reading quizzes and also for other kind of tests, but probably, not many users will want to make them...

  • Gituska
    Great analysis. True. I see.
  • spanz
    I think Manga (and grammar!) quizzes would be brilliant, but modifying the Notes system might not be worth if nobody wants to create the quizzes. Beeant knows his users better than anyone, so he has the last word.
    Just in case, my vote is yes!
  • Theory
    I really like this idea. Yes, please!
  • WillemStyle
    Yes, yes, yesh, YES!!!

    Implementing this will boost my will to learn japanese even more then i already have here :D

    Would be so fun, finally a sort of "tutorial" how to read manga :P

    I'm looking forward!
  • StonerPenguin
    Hey all, sorry for the tardiness ><
    I made images based on my initial vision, though all your suggestions are great!

    They're actually pretty simple;!oZZ1QQcurrentZZ!oZZ1QQcurrentZZ

    My main reason for doing this is that it'd be so awesome to hover over the word and have it get bigger with its definition, without messing up the current Photo quiz feature (a bunch of tiny tags of words would make sucky image quizzes)...

    Hopefully I've cleared up what I meant. I hope this would be a simple feature to add, but if it's a pain then Beeant need not worry about it ;)
  • StonerPenguin
  • spanz
    The final result looks like a regular Note, with its Quiz functionality.
    Let's see if I understand it:
    1-You want to build that Note through the Photo Tag input interface.
    2-The Note should show the tagged Photo instead of the list of entries.
    3-The Slideshow wouldn't be necessary. Hovering over the Photo would be much better. Of course, the Photo should be hidden when quizzing.

    In other words, you suggest a new kind of Note that uses features taken from the Photo Tag system.
    Is that correct?

    It SEEMS easy to do.

    Just a question:
    Wouldn't the Quizzes be too easy?
  • spanz
    Do you have 69 notifications???
  • StonerPenguin
    Haha yes I do! Though it's 71 now.. ;p

    And yup, that sounds about right. The quizzes would be a bit too easy but if it was one of those manga with 'word wall' text bubbles or magazine images, it might be a good challenge. A quiz would be a nice review of the words on the page. I agree that the picture should be hidden. I just think this would be a real fun way to practice reading skills =D But like I said before, I don't want to mess up the current system by adding crappy image tags (and my crappy ones have been up forever >< Sorry spanz, I know you try to keep the images tags good...)

    And I think it'd be cool to be able to quiz from the vocabulary lists on the on the videos as well.
  • spanz
    Stoner, you know you can (should) clear your notifications, don't you?
    There's a X to do that! =D

    You can't tag a Video using the Photo tag way, but you want to quiz from both lists...
    In that case, instead of creating a new kind of Note, there's a simpler solution:

    1-A button in the Photo tag's / Video page for copying all the vocabulary list into a regular Note.
    2-Another button in the Photo tag's / Video page for quizzing, if there's a Note linked to that picture / video. This button just would need to open the linked Note quiz.

    Or even better:
    If beeant uses the vocabulary lists as if they were Notes, the first button (and the associated Notes) would not be really necessary. The lists have the same structure as the Notes, so this has to be easy to do. It would be like a virtual Note for each Photo / Video. We would need just a button to quiz from the list (if it exists).

    That's all. Right now, we can do actual Notes manually (or semi-automaticly :)) to be able to quiz, but an automatic quiz would be more practical. Or at least, a button to make the linked Note automaticly.

    That would be really easy to do. Besides, the current Note system wouldn't have to be modified at all.

    Of course, all is up to beeant.
    Remember that he said he wanted to get rid of some features. We don't know whether Video / Photo tag are in danger or not...
  • StonerPenguin
    Ooh! Spanz you're a genius! That sounds awesome! And hopefully it's a simple as it seems ;) Hopefully beeant won't whack the video and photo feature just yet, I know they're not used too often right now, but after these kind of tweaks will make them more popular with the users =D I know I'd like 'em!