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How to get rid of romanji

If I view a vocal lesson without login, it doesn’t show me romanji.

If I login, it shows romanji. I hate romanji as my eyes are naturally drawn to it.

Is there a setting to turn it off? I can’t see one when viewing the site on an iPhone. It could be there’s a setting that isn’t shown on the iPhone version (the website refuses to allow me to see the desktop version), or it could be well hidden, or the site could be assuming that everyone starting to use the site needs romanji and won’t let it be turned off (bad)
posted by memorybread

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  • mog86uk
    I don't know what "romanji" is.

    However, if you mean romaji (ローマ字, ローマじ, rōmaji) it is only shown to users while they are still on level 1. There is no setting on the site for disabling or enabling romaji. Once you've earned the 4,000 EXP needed to level up to "Lv 2", then all the romaji disappears (even disappears from the level 1 lessons).

    As you've now already reached level 2, I guess the romaji has gone and now everything is fine anyway? ^^
  • memorybread
    You can see how much I hate it by the fact I use the deliberate spelling of romaNji for it. You should add “romazi” to your list of spellings too (see book “Romazi Nikki” as an example).
  • mog86uk
    I dislike romaji too, so much so that I even don't use romaji input method for typing Japanese on my computer keyboard. I've used kana layout on my keyboard for years, even though for the most part I was using a standard British keyboard with no kana printed on the keys. :P

    When I wrote "romaji", I was actually using the English word:


    When I wrote "rōmaji" inside the parenthesis, that's the only actual romaji I used. I chose to write it in Modified Hepburn because it's the form of romaji that's overwhelmingly the most popularly used by non-Japanese people.

    If I was making a list of spellings though, first I'd add the full kanji form of the word, "羅馬字"; then I'd add the 訓令式 and 日本式 romaji spellings, "rômazi". Not "romazi" though. ^^
  • memorybread
    I wonder whether you have lived in Japan? I've been here almost 10 years and I can tell you that the form of roma(n)ji used by Japanese is whatever-the-hell-comes-out-their-head. Heck, half the time the l and r are not even spelled correctly on signs when they write English words, so if you take into account that they are not even bothering to spell check signs, you think they are checking how the Romaniz/se? A chain coffee shop offers MONING BREND coffee on a glossy sign - when you think of all the people involved in that campaign.. PR people, printers, the people in the shop...

    So Japanese have no idea what Modified Hepburn is. Even train stations are only starting to get consistency because of the Olympics. Take 新橋駅 which until recently has signs saying Shimbashi Station and Shinbashi Station in the same station, and is still inconsistently referred to all over the web.

    Do as the Japanese do. I'm going to have some moning brend coffee now.
  • memorybread
  • mog86uk
    ROR (LOL). xD

    And no, I've lived in England my whole life. I've only been to Japan once 3 years ago for a 28-day solo backpacking trip there. My only ever trip abroad (besides Wales, lol).

    I'm glad you mentioned ローマ字日記, as I've heard that book mentioned before. I've been looking into it a bit tonight. It's interesting that the author doesn't even stick to a single system of romaji within the diary. He uses 日本式 in some parts and Hepburn in others, and also a bit of neither.

    He doesn't even write the word ローマ字 as "romazi" within the book. Apparently his spellings were "Rōme-ji" and "Rōma-ji". Didn't even use "Rōma-zi" or "Rôma-zi".

    In the 1977 republishing of his work, it seems it was written as "Rôma-ji" in every instance within the text. Only the title is where it's written as "romazi" (ROMAZI). I don't whether the original penned in 1909 had the title spelt that way though.

    Pretty understandable that he wasn't sticking to a strict romaji system back then I guess, but interesting to see the ways it varies in different days in the diary. Sorry, I get way too into things like this sometimes. I'll stop myself here. ^^; But I'll leave the links to some very nice web pages I came across looking into this book...

    Very interesting research paper about the orthography of the original manuscript:

    Full text, 1977 edition:

    Full text, de-romaji'd:


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