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Does anyone else use kantango? (kantango.com) My professors both use it to upload our kanji and vocab lists, and its flashcard system is really useful. I think it relies on the big Edict database, the same one jisho.org uses.

Anyway, I'd love to have a way to import my kantango lists into JCJP, so I can earn XP here while studying for class. :) Also, I'd love for JCJP to implement a similar flashcard (rather than multiple-choice) system, with similar ratings for how well I know words/kanji ("needs review," "learned," "mastered," "fully mastered," etc.) Is a flashcard system in the works anytime in the future?
posted by a_muses

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  • a_muses
    No one agrees?
  • beeant
    What kind of format can you get from kantango list? maybe I can write the code for the importer to Note.
  • a_muses
    Hm, I'm not sure. When it generates the vocab lists, it does so in a table. Here's a page of someone's public list: http://kantango.com/wordlist.php?form_wl=51790

    You'll have to start an account, but it's really easy, and I've never gotten contacted from them. It's some university professor running the site in his spare time, I think.