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changing usernames

Is it possible to change my username? I know I could just create a new profile, but I've spent a couple of years here getting as far as I have, and I'd hate to start over from 0 again -- especially when the Combo Bonus points are now maxed out at 110 points per question. I remember a brief time when you could really increase your XP by getting 150+ points per question if you got far enough... though I agree that this is much fairer.

Anyways, can I change my username, and if so, how?
posted by a_muses

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  • beeant
    Hello a_muses,

    At the moment, you can't change your username, because of some technical issues that might occur if you change your username. However, I will make this feature available in the future, once I fix that technical issue. Please don't worry, you will eventually be able to change your username, I don't recommend you to create new profile.
    (could you tell the reason why you want to change your username?)

    I am really sorry for my slow progress to update JCJP, and late responses these days.
    As you may know, I am currently kind of having busy days.
    Right now, I'm thinking to make a daily schedule to work on my projects more consistently.

    Thank You,
  • Gameral
    Hi, I am also interesting in changing my username, is it possible now?
    beeant please change my username to MORIHITO.
  • KitCat
    its been 7 years now lol
  • phamyen
    The information you have very true and useful, thank you have shared this post.
  • shahrahan
  • shahrahan