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Now I know everyone learns languages differently but this way is most effective for me, letting me memorize kanji and vocab. For those of you who dont know what mnemonics are, they are memory aids. Put it this way:

The japnese word for umbrella is kasa. kasa sounds a bit like curse, right??? So picture in your head a cursed umbrella, with red bulging eyes floating around. And i garuntee you wont forget the word for umbrella.

Heres another one. The japanese word for hill is saka. Saka sounds a bit like soccer. Now imagine Someone playing with a soccerball on a hill. Kicking. Dribbling. Scoring. And now saka-hill is etched into your brain.

And for kanji. Look at the kanji for big. It looks like a dude with his arms and legs spread out.

And the kanji for small. It looks like a person with their arms and legs at their side.

Its a great, fun way to memorize japanese.

A tip for mnemonics. MAKE THEM AS IN YOUR FACE AS POSSIBLE!!! Think of all your senses. Not just a floating umbrella. a Black, drooling umbrella. It makes a groaning noise as it chases you. and its a huge umbrella, 2 metres tall. And your screaming. "HELP! ITS A CURSED UMBRELLA!!!"

If you have any thoughts, comments or even your own mnemonics, POST THEM!!! Its a fun way to learn
posted by izukuni