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How to avoid saying "Genki desuka".

My friend in Tokyo has been making some raw videos for me, to help with my Japanese. So I edited them and am sharing them with you.

posted by Wes1378

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  • Ronin
    So, why must we avoid saying "Genki Desuka?" Is it gramatically incorrect, or just weird when used in normal Japanese life?
  • muso
    It's different than in the UK/US. We'd say "How are you?" often as a throw-away phrase rather than an actual question. If you ask お元気ですか (ogenki desu ka) in Japan often then it's likely to make people think that you're worried about their general health. Also note that the honorific お makes it slightly more formal or polite.
  • Wes1378
    Sorry for the late reply Ronin. It's as typical as saying "How are you?" in English. You don't say that do you? You probably say.... "Hey man" or "What's up?" or "What's going on?" or "Shup Biotch?" lol
  • Ronin
    I think I get it. Basically, it's "too" formal, when there are more casual ways of saying it.

    As for what muso said, I think he could have a point when saying the phrase far too frequently...well, at least, that's what I've heard from other native Japanese-speakers.